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Northern Rhode Island Landscape Design for Commercial Properties

landscape design commercialEastern Landscaping provides a wide range of services for both business and residential clients as a full-service landscaping company, but we specialize in professional services for commercial properties. One of the things we excel in is the development and design of landscapes based on the location or individual preferences of our clients. Regular services are also available, such as weekly upkeep and seasonal lawn fertilization in Rhode Island. Any lawn care, exterior construction, or specialty landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island or Southeast Massachusetts may be handled by us since we have the capability, tools, and expertise to do so. Even if you have a special design requirement, we can accommodate it and help you create the landscape you desire for your property.

Rhode Island Landscape Design

When it comes to landscape architecture, there are seven basic styles to choose from. Others may incorporate distinctive aspects and plantings from other parts of the world, while some are employed to represent the local area’s natural environment. The landscaping design you select should either mirror the architectural style of the on-site structures or at the very least reflect the topic or primary objective of your commercial enterprise. Your property’s grounds’ landscaping will have a direct influence on its visual appeal from the outside and how visitors will perceive it. To ascertain whether your suggestions would be the most suitable for your property, speak with one of our qualified landscape designers.

Mediterranean – This landscape design style incorporates decorative and ornamental elements with Tuscan, Spanish, and French influences. Green hedges, architectural columns, water fountains, and lush lawns are a few of the characteristics that are frequently present in this kind of landscape design. To maintain the greatest appearance for your Mediterranean landscape in Rhode Island, make sure to incorporate seasonal lawn fertilizer.

Modern – This style of landscape design has sharp, angular, smooth, and geometrical lines. Your property’s current components may probably be reused in many different ways to boost sustainability while lowering waste and costs. You may add new focus pieces with contemporary and abstract design elements. Modern landscape architecture has less lawn areas, more hardscaping components, and unusual plants.

Xeriscaping – Because it is widely employed in drought-stricken places to preserve water and other resources, xeriscaping is usually mistaken for desert landscaping. However, it can be done everywhere. Environmental friendliness is the main objective of xeriscaping. This may be desirable for buildings that have adopted other eco-friendly practices, including as LEED-certified building techniques. Before attempting to build it successfully for your property, it is crucial to consult with a full-service landscaping professional that has expertise working with this design.

Tropical – While the tropical style and feel might be a bit difficult for northern landscaping, it can be highly appealing for a variety of business and residential locations. The aim is to provide a look and feel that is tropical in nature by using a lot of lush, thick, and dense greenery. Curved edges, vibrant blooms, and plants often found in tropical regions should all be taken into account. Some objects could be displayed in potted arrangements that can be brought within for the winter if the plants need a warmer environment.

Desert – Despite the fact that Northern Rhode Island’s landscaping services are seldom desert-like, you may nevertheless use a desert-inspired design scheme. Our full-service landscaping business may recommend trees, shrubs, grasses, rocks, and other components to help you give your property a desert feel. This might just serve as the centerpiece of a little region of your property, but due to its distinctive style and design, it might end up becoming your favorite spot.

Asian – Although not the most popular style utilized by landscaping companies in Northern Rhode Island, this approach to landscape design is growing in favor around the country. In order to create a sense of harmony and balance, the Asian design adopts a more natural approach to landscaping that incorporates grassy patches mixed in with blooming plants, hardscaping components, ornamental items, and water features.

Custom Landscaping Design Services

To discuss your plans for landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, get in touch with Eastern Landscaping. We can assist you in achieving your objectives whether you want to update your appearance, adopt a distinctive design, or just need maintenance services from our full-service landscaping firm. To schedule a consultation and for a free quote for landscape design and continuing maintenance services, call our staff at 401-766-9035.

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