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Northern Rhode Island Commercial Landscaping & Design Services

Rhode Island commercial landscapingThere are clear advantages to outsourcing your commercial landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island. Cost savings are one of the most significant benefits experienced by property owners and managers, but having a team of trained, experienced, and certified technicians can help you to have the best maintained property in the area. How do you find the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island based on your needs? You start by searching for a service that can offer all of the options and maintenance that you require to keep your property looking it’s very best. Rhode Island commercial landscaping can vary from weekly mowing and edging to flower bed planting and landscaping design in Rhode Island and the surrounding area. Eastern Landscaping offers a wide range of services created specifically for our commercial clients.

Summer Landscaping Services

When it comes to maintaining a lawn, summer can be a challenging season. Grass, trees, bushes, and flowers can grow out of control without the support of commercial landscaping services. Our team will not just mow, edge, and keep everything trimmed, but will maintain an eye on safety, future growth, and prevention. Extreme heat and dry summer conditions can drain the life out of lawns and plants. It requires consistent attention to the irrigation and other factors to ensure that your landscaping continues to look healthy and remains effectively hydrated. Heat stress and summer drought can have a lasting impact on your lawns, trees, bushes, and other plants that can last through a couple of seasons.

Some of the symptoms of heat stress for landscaping design in Rhode Island include:

  • slowed growth
  • discolored grass and plant leaves
  • wilting
  • brown patches
  • dry areas
  • marks in the grass that remain for hours after mowing

Year-Round Rhode Island Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to establishing a healthy lawn, trees, and plants for your commercial property, the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island will plan ahead for the coming seasons. While summer does require a lot of work to ensure that mowing, watering, fertilizing, and pest control are performed properly, quality Rhode Island commercial landscaping services will begin prepping your lawns and gardens for the fall. Regularly maintained mowing equipment, proper cutting techniques in the summer, reduced foot traffic on stressed lawns, and other efforts will help to ensure that your grass is healthy enough for the fall and winter seasons.

Studies show that inconsistent watering and care during extreme heat conditions can do more harm than good to already stressed-out lawns and plants. Proper and deliberate irrigation is key, so make sure to work with commercial landscaping services that can offer support for irrigation, watering programs, and other low maintenance solutions. In the summer, lawns will typically require approximately one-inch of water per week. Eliminating watering during the heat of the day and increasing deep watering schedules during the early morning hours can help to prepare your plants and lawns for hot weather. The more you can do in the summer to stay on top of maintenance and proper landscaping design in Rhode Island, the healthier your commercial property will be year-round.

What to Expect at Eastern Landscaping

There are many benefits associated with hiring the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island. Our many years of experience and training have helped us to effectively maintain properties for our commercial and residential customers. Whether you require ongoing maintenance, new plantings, or quality landscaping design in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, Eastern Landscaping can help you to achieve your goals. Our comprehensive maintenance plans can be used to ensure that your property gets all of the care and treatment it requires, when, and where it needs it.

Contact our team by calling 401-766-9035 and speak with one of our technicians about your needs for commercial landscaping services. We will come out to your property and offer a NO COST estimate and offer solutions that can assist you with your commercial landscaping challenges. We can answer any questions you might have about commercial landscaping and design, as well as offer a wide range of services that we use to effectively maintain our customers’ properties. Take a look at some of the work we have done by browsing the portfolio on our website. See for yourself why we have earned and maintained a solid reputation as the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island.

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