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Commercial Landscape Prep in Rhode IslandCommercial property owners and managers know that to hit the ground running in the spring, planning for landscape maintenance services needs to happen early. If you have not contacted a professional team for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island, what are you waiting for? Eastern Landscaping, Inc. provides top quality landscape design and lawn care in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area. We can help you make plans for spring planting, landscape construction, and development of hardscaping projects. Whatever your needs for outdoor curb appeal improvements or property maintenance, Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can help you achieve your goals.

Landscape Design and Lawn Care: Why Start Now?

The sooner you start working with your landscaping team to make plans for spring maintenance, the faster you will be able to get started. Your property isn’t the only commercial property that is eagerly awaiting the warmer spring weather. Other clients are already contacting their landscaping companies in Rhode Island to make sure they get their needs taken care of first. Schedule a meeting with trusted landscape maintenance services to make a plan for this year’s plantings, clean-up, and preparations for sod and seed, as needed.

Eastern Landscaping, Inc. works with a variety of commercial clients. We provide landscape design and lawn care for retail shopping centers, municipal customers, HOA clients, commercial, residential property owners, property management companies, and large office complexes. Everyone in the New England area is anxious to get their properties cleaned up from the winter snow and ice and start making preparations for planting and outdoor maintenance. The sooner you make your plans, the sooner the work will get done when the weather warms up in the spring.

What to Expect: Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

While we have earned a solid reputation for helping our commercial clients with professional landscape design and lawn care, there are other things that we can do to help improve the look and function of your property. Landscape maintenance services, which include annual change-outs, bed maintenance, and custom landscaping requests can all be addressed during your spring clean-up. We take pride in being one of the few landscaping companies in Rhode Island that can offer landscaping and hardscaping design and maintenance services for commercial clients.

Our team will work with you directly to create a solution that includes landscaping and planting in Rhode Island designed to help you take advantage of the coming seasons. We can help you maximize your existing landscape while providing options and ideas that you can use to take it a step further. Our team of highly trained and experienced landscape design specialists will help you get the landscape that you have always wanted for your commercial property while maintaining your budget goals. Studies show that only 15 percent of all commercial property owners start planning their spring landscape maintenance services and projects in advance. Take advantage of that fact and get ahead of your local competitors by working with Eastern Landscaping, Inc. today.

Establish a Schedule for Landscaping & Planting in Rhode Island

Regardless of how long winter lingers this year, most landscaping companies in Rhode Island create their schedules for March and April between late February and early March. That means you are already running out of time to get on the schedule for spring planting, clean-up, and design. If you don’t already have a company to provide you with landscape maintenance services, start interviewing right away. Call Eastern Landscaping, Inc. to schedule an interview or consultation, depending on your needs. We will provide you with a no-cost estimate to help you make an informed decision.

One of the first things you should have your landscape design and lawn care service take care of is the mulching. Fresh and clean mulch will provide a beautiful base for your spring garden, helping your property to look professional with very minimal effort. Mulch creates a textured backdrop for emerging bulbs and helps to liven up the look and feel of the property until the grass and other plants begin to perk up again. By the time warm weather hits, many companies are inundated with requests to provide mulch and can be as much as six to eight weeks behind. Prevent being caught up in the shuffle by scheduling your mulch work far in advance.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc.

If you are interested in getting a free no-cost estimate for any of the professional landscape maintenance services available at Eastern Landscaping, Inc., give us a call. We provide a variety of year-round services designed to help your property to look it’s very best. Call today at 401-766-9035 and speak with one of our representatives for more information about landscaping and planting in Rhode Island.

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