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Low Maintenance Solutions: Hardscaping Design in New England

New England hardscaping construction and designIt’s that time of year when landscaping professionals begin to prepare their clients’ properties for the peak season. When the weather gets warmer, and the rain begins to fall with regularity, growth increases substantially. However, with many businesses looking for ways to reduce costs while maintaining an impressive landscape, low maintenance solutions are also in demand. Rhode Island hardscaping might be the perfect solution to reduce costs, eliminate wasteful daily and weekly maintenance obligations, and make better use of a commercial or residential property. Eastern Landscaping offers a wide range of professional services, including hardscaping design in New England. We don’t just work with our clients to create the outdoor living space of their dreams; we are also certified and experienced in the area of hardscaping construction in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, as well.

What is Hardscaping?

If you are unfamiliar with the term hardscaping, there are many common projects that fall into this category. There are also some innovative and dynamic ideas that can be incorporated into Rhode Island hardscaping that will help you to maximize the value of your property. While most people think about patios, outdoor dining areas, barbecue islands, and fire pits, there is an unlimited array of possibilities for those who want to incorporate low maintenance solutions into their overall landscape design. Used by corporate office buildings, shopping malls and other commercial properties, multi-family residential complexes, home owners associations (HOAs), and other commercial and residential projects, hardscaping design in New England can include a combination of new projects, updated options, and unique opportunities, depending on the needs and goals of the client.

One example would be taking an existing outdoor area, such as a playground, pool, spa, clubhouse, garden, or employee break area, and fundamentally changing it by incorporating hardscaping elements. Stone pavers, bricks, concrete, and decorative tile are some examples of surface spaces that can be created. At the same time, gazebos, pergolas, and other vertical structures are some options that can be considered for use as shelters for outdoor activities. Think about how you want to use that space, who would be using it, and when it would be in demand. Employee break areas should include built-in seating and possibly table surfaces, trash cans for lunch waste, an overhead shelter area, and a few focal points to keep it interesting. Focal points can include fountains, statues, ponds, bridges, waterfalls, and other elements that will make the area more inviting and unique.

Why Install Rhode Island Hardscaping?

The good news is that there are many reasons to embrace the idea of hardscaping construction in Northern Rhode Island. Over time, these low maintenance solutions will help to save time and money for ongoing landscaping, cleanup, and care. The investment that you make initially into hardscaping design in New England will pay off over time in many different ways, increasing the value of your property, providing a place for events and other activities to occur, and helping your business to stand out from competitors in a creative way. There are many trends involved with Rhode Island hardscaping, just as there are with landscaping and construction projects. It pays to work with a designer and construction service that has experience working with other clients in the local area to help you choose an option that will yield the best results.

Currently, the Rhode Island hardscaping and landscaping are considered to be an essential business, so property owners can use this time to work to make improvements to the land and increase value – even if their businesses are currently closed. This is a great way to reduce overhead costs, make visible improvements, and prepare for everything to open up again in the future. When you contact Eastern Landscaping, we will come out to your property, take a look at the areas that you want to improve and offer you a professional evaluation. We can discuss your ideas, talk about your concerns, and consider all of the possibilities that you want to incorporate into the design. We can further discuss things via phone, video conferencing, and offer design renderings for you to look at and approve before any work is started.

Creative Hardscaping Design in New England

In addition to large projects, there are other low maintenance solutions that can be incorporated into the work that we provide to our clients. Borders, accents, and unique shapes for everything from walkways to garden paths, playground areas, and other patterns used within the landscape are quite popular. Consider incorporating the natural landscape into your Rhode Island hardscaping design. Instead of a simple retaining wall that separates an inclined green space from other areas on the property, your designer can include built-in stone seating with planters, fire pits, tables, and other useful elements to make these places more inviting. The use of landscaping elements, such as bushes, turf, flowers, and trees, alongside hardscaping materials like stone, gravel, mulch, and wood, can create an impressive result.

If you are ready to get started and plan your hardscaping design in New England, contact Eastern Landscaping by calling 401-766-9035. We provide professional landscaping and hardscaping services to commercial and residential clients throughout Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts. Call today to get a FREE no-cost estimate for any of the services that we provide or to learn more about how you can use these low maintenance solutions to your advantage.

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