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Lawn Fertilization in Rhode Island: Does Your Grass Need Help?

Lawn FertilizationThere are lots of things that you can do to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. Hiring professional landscape maintenance services to take care of all the mowing, watering and fertilizing can really help to keep it looking its very best. However, there are some indications that your grass might benefit from Rhode Island fertilizing services, so it is helpful to know what to look for in case it happens to you. Lawn fertilization in Rhode Island helps to put the nutrients that your lawn needs back into the soil. Because these nutrients are water soluble, they often wash away or leech out over time due to local rainfall or irrigation. This is why South Coast fertilizing can be so important to the continued health of your lawn.

Why Grass Needs Fertilizer
If your grass is not getting enough nutrients it will start to show it in unhealthy ways. Lawns that are deficient in proper nutrients need fertilization from professional landscape maintenance services or they will become more likely to develop disease. Many things can cause the nutrients to disappear from the soil, including a lack of naturally occurring nutrients in the local region. Soil that is deficient in nutrients, due to erosion or caused by other issues, will require lawn fertilization in Rhode Island if your grass is to ever become healthy and lush. A lack of nutrients in the soil overall can cause other plants, shrubs and trees to be unhealthy and more susceptible to disease as well, so it is important to hire a professional to test your soil and see what is needed to help your landscape along.

Why Hire Rhode Island Fertilizing Services
If you are having problems with your lawn or if your landscape maintenance services have told you that you have a deficiency, you might be tempted to just go and buy a bag of fertilizer at the local home improvement garden center. However, there are many different types of fertilizer that are used in different situations, depending on the local deficiencies. This is why it is important to work with professional Rhode Island fertilizing companies that have experience working within the local area. The needs of property owners in other parts of the country are different from our needs here in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, so it pays to hire a local pro.

Some of the deficiencies that your lawn could be dealing with include:

  • Nitrogen – Some of the signs of a lawn that is deficient in nitrogen include grass that has changed to a yellowish or yellow-greenish color. Grass that grows slow, has become sparse or is invaded by common weeds like clover, will often be found to be deficient in nitrogen. Don’t just guess though, make sure to have your soil tested by a professional.
  • Phosphorus – You will first notice that your lawn has turned dull and has a sort of bluish-greenish cast to it. Next, you will notice that the edges of the grass where the blades have been cut will be slightly purple. After a long period of deficiency, your grass could end up getting a reddish tint to it if left unfertilized by landscape maintenance services.

Does Your Lawn Have Fungus and Rust?
There are other things that you may come to notice if your lawn is need of Rhode Island fertilizing services. There are two common problems that occur when your lawn doesn’t have the proper nutrients to become healthy and fight off these culprits. Fungus and rust can be seen all across the country as lawns become deficient in nutrients. This is why lawn fertilization in Rhode Island can be so important to the success of a lawn.

Some signs that your lawn is plagued with fungus and rust can include:

  • Mushrooms – A common enough fungus, mushrooms can be seen if lawns are getting too much water, but also if they are lacking nitrogen. These mushrooms are dangerous and should be taken care of right away, particularly if you have small children, pets or other animals in your yard.
  • Fairy Rings – You might notice some small round-shaped patches of dark green grass that also contain patches of dead or lightly colored grass in the middle. In some cases, you will even see mushrooms growing on the outer dark ring. Similar to the mushrooms, this can be caused by a nitrogen deficiency and should be treated right away.
  • Rust – While technically just another type of fungus, rust is a fungal disease that most usually is found in blue grass and rye grass. In the early stages of this fungus, your green grass will begin to turn a yellow or red-brown rusty color, hence the name. Then, small rust-colored bumps will begin to form on the grass before it dies. Speak with your professional landscape maintenance services about Rhode Island fertilizing for rust before you lose your entire lawn.

Contact Eastern Landscaping
In addition to providing residential and commercial clients with top quality landscape maintenance services in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, we also provide a wide variety of fertilizing services and lawn care. If you think you might be in need of lawn fertilization in Rhode Island or the surrounding area, make sure to give us a call at 401-766-9035. One of our highly trained and experienced technicians can come out to your property to test your soil and provide you with a FREE consultation to provide your lawn and the rest of your landscaping with the type of services and care that it needs to thrive.

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