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It is no easy feat taking care of a lawn in Southern New England. Weather conditions that range from hot, sunny summer months all the way to freezing, snowy winters, causes lawns to suffer year round regardless of the season. Knowing how to properly care for lawn and landscaping as part of a comprehensive maintenance plan is what is required to keep your residential or commercial property looking its very best. Professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can help to keep your lawn and landscaping looking lush and green – even during the hottest months of the year.

Benefits of Professional Services

There are many reasons why our residential and commercial clients choose to work with Eastern Landscaping. It is difficult to keep lawn and landscaping in Southern New England looking beautiful and it takes a lot of time. Our comprehensive maintenance plan can be used to ensure that your lawn and landscaping gets all of the care and treatment it requires, when and where it needs it. Hiring professional landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island means not having to worry about any of these tasks, yet being able to sit back and enjoy how great everything looks.


Residential and Commercial Programs

Contact Eastern Landscaping to find out more about our comprehensive maintenance plan for residential or commercial customers. In addition to caring for your lawn and landscaping, we also take into consideration the individual needs of your lawn. As a result, we also offer additional services, such as fertilizing, over-seeding, ornamental pruning and flower bed care, to ensure your property gets all of the treatments it requires. We offer all of these services for both residential and commercial clients, providing all of the advantages of top quality landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island to each and every customer.


Customer Satisfaction is #1

You – the customer – are our top priority. Whether you hire us to do a single job with regard to your lawn and landscaping, or if you contact Eastern Landscaping regarding a comprehensive maintenance plan, taking care of your property is our top priority. From landscaping design and maintenance to ornamental pruning and flower bed care, contact our lawn care team to get a FREE consultation on landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island or Southern Massachusetts today by calling (401) 766-9035.