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Landscaping in Northern Rhode Island: Are You Ready for Winter?

Autumn Planting Tips Rhode IslandUnlike other states that may have mild winters and other seasons, we pretty much get it full force here in Rhode Island. Commercial and residential landscaping services are busy preparing properties for the coming winter season. However, part of these services include landscape spring preparation to help make sure that lawns, trees and shrubs all come back healthy and strong when winter thaws away.

We talk a lot about winter gear for people, but plants can require protection from the cold, wind and snow as well. When the temperature drops below freezing and the wind whips in from all around, your plants need to be protected. Landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can help you to protect your property from the weather that will eventually come.

Trees and shrubs are very vulnerable to damage during the winter months. If you have plants that are in open areas without any protection, they can also be severely damaged by wind gusts. Even areas in Rhode Island with hardscaping can require sealing and protecting from the elements. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. can provide you a NO COST ESTIMATE for our services.

Gardens & Landscaping Beds
If you have flower beds or planting areas on your property, you need to make sure they are protected. Commercial and residential landscaping services can provide you with mulching to help insulate and soften the blow that comes from temperature swings during this time of year. The mulch that you put down in the spring will be displaced and discolored by the time fall comes around, so now is a good time to update it to make sure your garden areas get all of the benefits from this type of seasonal landscape spring preparation.

Gardens, flower beds and other landscape areas that feature bare dirt should receive at least two to three inches of mulch to help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. This will help to protect the roots of your plants, shrubs and bushes throughout the winter season. The cycle of freezing and thawing that occurs during the winter months can be damaging to young plants, but the mulch acts like a warm winter coat or blanket, softening the impact of the changing weather.

Water Until the Ground Freezes
Commercial and residential landscaping services should set clients up with water for their properties all the way up until the first hard ground freeze. This will help plants to go into the cold winter season healthy and properly hydrated. People often turn off their irrigation system in the fall when the temperatures begin to cool and think that, because of the seasonal rains, that the trees, bushes, shrubs, plants and lawn have enough moisture. The truth is that all of the fall winds can tend to dry out plants more than we realize, so it is important to continue watering on a weekly basis until the ground freezes.

Tuck in Shrubs & Unprotected Plants
Some of your landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island will recommend that you wrap bushes and shrubs, as well as other unprotected plants, to keep them safe from drying and damaging winds. A phenomenon known as “winter burn” can occur, which is caused by a combination of freezing temperatures and wind, something we get a lot of in the Rhode Island area. As part of landscape spring preparation, bushes and shrubs are wrapped with burlap sheets for extra protection, helping the plants to have a stronger start again when the snow and ice of winter melt away.

You might be tempted to skip wrapping plants near entry ways of in high visibility areas, but the health of your plants need to come before appearance issues. Commercial properties often struggle with this and want to keep plants uncovered. It is a good investment for the future, as the burlap will reduce the amount of replacement that you will need to do in the spring due to winter landscaping loss. The good news is that the burlap will be covered by snow very soon and it can even look good with fall decorations in the mean time.

Any bushes or plants that were planted in the fall should definitely be wrapped in burlap for the winter season. Any plants that are located in high wind areas or that are exposed away from the building should also be covered. In some cases, support stakes can also be beneficial to increase stability during this time of year.

Prepare the Entire Property
Take this time to have your landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island take care of the entire property, raking up leaves and cleaning up any thatching, to give your lawn a good head start in the spring. Landscape spring preparation is important to help you have green grass as soon as possible when the snow melts and get your lawn on its way to being beautiful all summer long. Rhode Island hardscaping should also be cleaned off and taken care of at this time. If your walkways, patios and other elements require sealing, do it now to prevent snow, ice and melted water from getting into the materials. During the thaw-freeze cycle, this could lead to buckling or breakage if you don’t do something now to prevent it.

Call Eastern Landscaping for all of your commercial and residential landscaping services. Our team of highly trained and experienced landscaping technicians can help you with your seasonal landscape spring preparation, Rhode Island hardscaping and any other fall and winter services that you require. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a NO COST ESTIMATE for any of the work that you need done.

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