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Landscape Design: Northern Rhode Island Flower Bed Planting

Flower Bed Planting Rhode IslandYour home will look best if you take time to carefully consider the way you want to handle flower bed planting and care as part of your overall landscape design and lawn care. When everything is all working together toward a focused goal with your ideas, preferences and Northern Rhode Island landscaping services, you will see a big difference. You can even choose low-maintenance plants that will reduce the amount of services you require each month to save money and lower watering requirements.

If you are looking for the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island to provide you with professional quality services, take a look at Eastern Landscaping. From springtime planting to fall clean-up and summertime lawn care in between, your property can look its very best while under the care and attention of our highly trained and experienced staff. Don’t leave your home’s curb appeal to chance. Invest in quality landscape design and lawn care through Eastern Landscaping.

Seasonal Planting Tips
If you want to add some new elements to your garden, make sure to speak with your technician about flower bed planting and care. There are certain factors that can affect the success of your new plants, such as the amount of sun exposure, the type of soil, and even the other plants that are already growing around it. Native New England plants will be stronger and much heartier than non-native species, so if there are challenges in your garden that cannot be addressed by your Northern Rhode Island landscaping services, consider using native plants.

Some of the ideas for flower bed planting and care include:

  • Dry & Sunny – day lilies, pine trees and bushes, black-eyed susans, ornamental grasses and beach roses are all good choices for dry soil areas that get full, all-day sun
  • Wet & Shady – impatiens, flowering bushes, hosta, marigolds and just about any type of flowering non-native annual species from your local garden center or nursery

Try to plant the smaller flowers and plants in the front of your flower bed and the taller plants in the back to add depth and variety to your flower beds. When you work with the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island, make sure to ask questions, get tips on flower bed planting and care, and take it all into consideration when choosing new plants for your garden. Your Northern Rhode Island landscaping services should be able to take care of all the new plantings for you, along with any new landscape design and lawn care that you might require.

Something Old, Something New
One way to add new life to your front yard is to keep your basic pieces, such as trees, bushes and plants, but mix in some colorful annuals to change the dynamic of your flower bed planting and care. Work with your landscaping design team to come up with a plan of attack that will keep your home looking summery and beautiful all season long without requiring a lot of extra maintenance and work.

Landscape design and lawn care should always include landscaping and hardscaping elements, perennials and annuals, trees and bushes, along with your lush and green lawn. Use hardscaping features, such as flower bed edging, focal points, water features, benches and other types of seating, colorful planters, pathways, stepping-stones and more, to create a dynamic and original garden area. Ask your Northern Rhode Island landscaping services about even more ideas for design to use with flower beds, lawns and other areas.

Contact Eastern Landscaping for Curb Appeal
If you are looking to step up the look and feel of your front yard, consider working on flower bed planting and care of native and non-native species throughout your front gardens. Landscape design and lawn care in Southern New England should include multiple elements for a well-balanced garden area that will look great all year-long. Eastern Landscaping is the best landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island when it comes to knowledge and experience of lawn maintenance and landscape design for residential and commercial clients.

Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a free NO-COST estimate for our Northern Rhode Island landscaping services. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you create a beautiful garden for you and your neighbors to enjoy. Call today and learn why so many Rhode Island homeowners and commercial business property owners trust Eastern Landscaping for their landscape design and lawn care services.

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