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How to Use Rhode Island Hardscaping to Increase Property Value

hardscaping in Northern Rhode IslandHardscape construction services involve much more than just the use of brick, pavers, stone, and other building materials. In New England and across the country, outdoor living space design has become more and more popular, giving property owners fresh approaches to raise their properties’ value and enhance the amount of usable area available to tenants, customers, and other visitors. Other materials and structures, in addition to those mentioned above, are commonly sought to improve aesthetics, function, and value in both commercial and residential property design. For a range of commercial clients, wood decking, fences, borders, arbors, pergolas, gazebos, planters, built-in seating, and tables provide a very natural appearance and feel that is intended to complement various architectural designs.

Choose Materials for Commercial Hardscaping Projects

While some designs might balance out with a mix of wood, stone, and rock, others might choose to go “all in” with wood decking to match other wood elements in the design of outdoor living spaces. To make sure that the new space combines nicely with the current landscaping, our team of skilled Rhode Island hardscape construction and design professionals at Eastern Landscaping consults with each client to ascertain their individual goals and requirements. Our team can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to construct recreational areas at a commercial residential property or want to create an outdoor picnic area for customer leisure and employee lunch breaks. You can choose a mix of wood decking in the style and color of your choice to complement the other components of your Rhode Island hardscaping design.

The foundation of your outdoor space would be constructed from wooden deck materials or a product made of composite wood of your choice rather than pavers, brick, or stone. While manufactured products can be fitted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to maximize return on investment, natural wood can be treated, sealed, and maintained to ensure a long life. Wooden pieces can also be utilized to build patios, walkways, raised decks, flooring around swimming pools, and other built-in features that improve functionality. Your brand-new wooden base for outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area will work nicely with built-in seats, tables, planters, water features, barbecues, and other outdoor living area design options. We regularly install wood elements in commercial offices, retail shopping malls, restaurants, and multi-family complexes because they are no longer simply for private backyards.

Function vs. Flair – Why Not Have Both?

Some commercial hardscaping projects place a stronger emphasis on functionality than aesthetics. On the other hand, it’s likely that both will be used in Rhode Island hardscaping. Wooden fencing can assist in providing a backdrop for landscaping components to create an outdoor landscape that guests will love. Of course, the fencing serves a dual purpose by establishing a polished and professional image while providing safety and security for areas where you don’t want foot traffic. Your wooden fencing and other wooden pieces can maintain their attractive appearance for many years by using high-quality materials, applying the right treatment and sealing, and providing continuous maintenance and care. Any garden or pathway environment can benefit from the beauty and whimsy that decorative elements like latticework and carved sculptures can bring.

Pergolas and other similar hardscape construction services provide shade and weather protection in addition to having a beautiful appearance. Your outdoor living room design can be used for a longer period of time throughout the year if a pergola is strategically placed. The area will be more usable and enjoyed if it is shielded from the elements, such as the wind, rain, and sunlight. There are several places where pergolas can be used, including outdoor living spaces, dining areas, lounges, eating areas, kitchens, and recreation areas. To offer extra shelter from the heat and weather, they can incorporate ornamental elements like awnings, curtains, and other covers. Pergolas are a prominent choice for hardscaping design among property owners in Massachusetts and Rhode Island since they are great for gardens, common areas, walkways, picnic areas, and other practical spots on your commercial or multi-family property.

Professional Hardscape Construction Services

Other components, such as stone walkways, gravel paths, arbors, gazebos, sidewalks and pavers, water features, tiled patios, stone retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces or fire pits, can be added to improve your new outdoor living space in Smithfield or anywhere in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts areas. Call Eastern Landscaping at 401-766-9035 to arrange a consultation with a member of our hardscaping team if you’re curious to learn more about our hardscape construction services and design team.

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