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Hire Full Service Landscaping Design-Build Team in Rhode Island

One of the latest trends in commercial landscaping design and lawn care is to hire professional landscaping companies in Rhode Island that can literally do it all. Instead of hiring one company to create the new design, another to install the landscaping, and another to build the hardscaping elements, you will get much better results if you hire what is known in the industry as a design-build team. Eastern Landscaping, Inc. is a well-known and reputable Rhode Island sod and seed, landscaping care, and hardscaping development company. We also do all of our own in-house design and construction work to provide our clients with more comprehensive services. This benefits you in two ways, not only will you avoid having to ensure communications between multiple landscaping companies and services, but you will also have better quality control over the work that is being done by hiring one firm to do it all.

Getting Started: Creating the Design
One sign of a good full service landscaping company is a willingness to work with you to create the look and features that you desire. Sit down with the landscaping designer and go over your ideas, goals, and requirements for the project. Whether you want to focus solely on Rhode Island sod and seed, planting, and ongoing maintenance or if your project will include hardscaping areas in addition to landscaping design and lawn care, make sure to express all of that to the designer during your first meeting. A design-build service will reduce the lead time for the entire project, allowing you to get started right away to meet your deadline without delay.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get things in writing. Quality landscaping companies in Rhode Island will be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you are comfortable with the entire experience. Design-build services are also known as design-build contractors or design-builders, depending on who you talk to and who you hire. Either way, you should expect that a firm representing itself in this manner will be able to work with you from the very beginning stages of planning and follow it through all the way to completion. If you are interested in ongoing maintenance to protect your investment and keep your property looking great, the company should be able to provide those services as well.

Simplicity in Design
Even if your ideas for landscaping design and lawn care are a bit more complicated than the average outdoor construction project, when you work with a design-build firm, the entire process can be simplified. You work with one project manager who coordinates the full installation, meaning that if you have questions or problems, you won’t have to hunt down the person “in charge” because you will be working with them throughout the project. This is great for busy property owners or property managers.

Working with a design-build landscaping company also has advantages about the financial end of the project. Because you are only working with one company instead of multiple design, hardscaping, and landscaping companies in Rhode Island, you won’t receive multiple bills. This approach can be a huge advantage to account payables departments and budgeting departments who can be overwhelmed by individual bills for small jobs within a much larger project. Make sure that you get a detailed plan that outlines deadlines for each area that you are working on, so you will know what to expect throughout the build.

Better Results
Another major advantage to working with a single design-build service is that you gain the knowledge and experience of licensed and insured landscape contractors who know all of the best methods required to complete your project. Because they work with both the landscaping and hardscaping portions of the project, they will know what plant species will work best next to the retaining wall and which trees will be best in certain areas throughout the property. A company with this type of full landscaping design experience will also be able to guide you toward making decisions that will provide you with the best return on your investment.

If you are interested in learning more about landscaping design and lawn care through Eastern Landscaping, Inc., please give us a call at 401-766-9035. Our team can come out to your commercial property and provide you with a free NO COST estimate for our services. Make sure to visit our website and view our online gallery to see some of the professional landscaping and hardscaping work that we have done in the Southern New England area. Whether you need basic Rhode Island sod and seed services or comprehensive design and installation work, our team can help you to achieve your goals.

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