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Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island to Increase Property Value

There are lots of things that you can do to increase the value of a commercial property. Whether you utilize the land for your own business or lease out to other retail and office tenants, it pays to invest in landscaping and hardscaping design in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. When customers visit your property for the first time, they immediately judge your business based on what they see outside before they ever walk through the door. Crumbling parking lots, poorly lit garages, badly marked driveways, overgrown landscaping, dead and dried grass – this could all spell disaster for a company that wants to make a strong first impression. If you are thinking about selling your commercial property, make sure to invest in quality hardscape construction in Providence to improve the use of exterior space. Outdoor living space design can include a variety of patio and decking areas, built-in seating, covered areas, pathways, and lighting options to create a very memorable experience.

Maintaining the Lawn

While many commercial properties are nixing grassy lawns entirely to xeriscape or plant drought-tolerant plants, a beautiful green lawn is still very impressive. There are things you can do to enhance the look and feel of your property with Providence hardscape installation. Brick or paver borders and pathways will help to maximize the use of land and reduce your need for irrigation. An automatic watering system, including drip and in-ground sprinklers, will reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking its best. Full service landscaping can assist with seasonal weeding, mowing, edging, overseeding, and other essential services.

Establish Color Spots

Flower beds, flowering bushes, and other colorful elements can be used to attract attention to specific areas of your commercial property. Signage for the property out on the street, near specific buildings, or outside customer areas can really benefit from the innovative use of floral elements. Built-in flower beds and hardscape edging can help to create aesthetically-pleasing separation between your walkways, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and green landscaped areas. Eastern Landscaping can assist with hardscape construction in Providence to enhance the security, flow, and function of your property. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers and installers can walk the property with you to find unique solutions to address all of your concerns.

Increase Functional Space

Whether you want to create an outdoor break area for employees, expand outdoor seating areas for restaurants, or establish a recreational space on-site, hardscaping design in Rhode Island can help. Feature items can include patios, decks, pergolas, fire pits, picnic areas, kitchen space, swimming pools, and sports areas to provide more options for residents, tenants, visitors, customers, and staff. Playground areas for children, winding paths through a garden, and other well-planned spaces can increase the value of your property and make it more attractive at the same time. Our team can help you every step of the way, from the initial design to Providence hardscape installation and ongoing maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Another way to improve value, function, and safety is to install effective outdoor lighting. Whether as a part of a larger project for hardscape construction in Providence or to enhance existing outdoor living space design, exterior lighting is essential for any commercial property. Good landscape lighting can illuminate your business after dark, accentuate your landscaping elements, and work to improve security, making it easier for your staff to see intruders or suspicious behavior. LED and solar lighting can be used to keep costs down and make your property more efficient. Pathway lights can also boost curb appeal, serving as a highlight for all types of hardscaping design in Rhode Island, as well as offering safety for walking up and down steps, stairs, driveways, walkways, and other paved surfaces after dark. Speak with our staff about your lighting needs for more information about using it effectively with your landscaping and hardscaping design.

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