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Hardscaping Design in New England for Commercial Properties

Looking for new ways to improve the look of your commercial property without increasing the need for landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island? The first thing that your customers, tenants, employees, and other visitors see when they come to your commercial property is the outdoor space surrounding your building or facility. A combination of green landscaping and hardscaping design in New England can help to set the tone for that first impression and create a professional-looking property that reflects the success of your business.

Rhode Island hardscaping has become a very popular choice for commercial property owners who want to communicate the reputation of their brand. A professionally designed and installed landscape will look great year-round without requiring a lot of maintenance. Choosing materials that will look great, but also last for many years, is more than just a beautification project, but a long-lasting investment in the appearance of your property. In fact, hardscaping and landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island will add financial value to your commercial property.

Types of Hardscaping Projects
If you are looking to remove a little maintenance and water-intensive lawn areas from your property and replace them with low-maintenance, sustainable materials, consider these popular types of hardscaping projects. Custom solutions, designed to match the architectural style and location of your property, as well as to enhance the brand of your organization is best. Anyone can have walkways, garden paths, patio areas, and retaining walls, but it’s how you use these elements and what you include with them, that will set them apart from other hardscaping design in New England.

STONE PAVERS – One of the most popular materials for Rhode Island hardscape construction, natural stone or commercial stone pavers can be used in some different ways. They can be used as accent features around greenbelt areas or garden spots, just as easily as they can be used to create a beautiful retaining wall around your employee break area. Pavers are also great for pathways, walkways, entrance features, and patios, as well as surround materials for lavish pools, ponds, fountains, and fire pits.

CUSTOM CEMENT – When you think about using cement on your commercial property, you are likely thinking about plain, gray cement used for parking lots and sidewalks. However, artistic use of cement can work to create any number of unique hardscaping designs in New England, including seating areas, walls, formal entryways, outdoor kitchen areas and dining spaces, plus a whole lot more. Textures, colors, and custom shapes can all be achieved through the use of cement as part of your plans for Rhode Island hardscape construction.

WATER FEATURES – Another popular type of project is a water feature, whether it is a pond, pool, fountain, or some other type of water-related focal point. It can be created with stone pavers, custom cement, wood, tile, or any other type of material that will stand up to the weather in the local area. You don’t want to build a beautiful water feature just to have it break down or wear out after a few years because it couldn’t withstand a typical freeze-thaw cycle in a northeastern winter.

ACTIVITY AREAS – Depending on the type of commercial property you own or manage, you might want to include activity areas. Picnic tables, outdoor sports, entertaining areas, employee break rooms, community activity centers – there is no limit as to the type of activity specific areas you can create with hardscaping design in New England. Basketball courts, food courts, outdoor cooking spaces, presentation spaces, and room for special events can be created through the use of professional Rhode Island hardscaping.

Professional Maintenance
To keep your brand new Rhode Island hardscape construction project looking great for many years to come, it pays to hire professional maintenance services to take good care of it year-round. Scheduled maintenance can help to keep all of your outdoor materials and areas looking their very best, preventing damage or wear caused by neglect. Whether you have pavers, stone, bricks, or concrete, professional services, such as pressure washing and removal of debris, can help keep everything neat and clean.

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