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Hardscaping Design in New England for Commercial Properties

There are many advantages associated with designing hardscape solutions for commercial properties. Low maintenance solutions can be used to replace large lawn areas and other landscaping elements that require a lot of hands-on work, irrigation, and additional associated costs for upkeep. While you might think that winter is the worst time to think about Rhode Island hardscaping design, it is actually the best time of year to get started on hardscape construction services. At Eastern Landscaping, we have a team of highly trained and experienced designers, technicians, and support staff who can help you realize your ideas for hardscaping design in New England no matter what time of year you want to work. We have all of the equipment and knowledge necessary to assist you in designing and constructing any type of outdoor living space or traditional hardscape elements you desire.

Getting Started: Logistics and Planning

When you contact Eastern Landscaping to discuss your ideas for Rhode Island hardscaping design, we will come out to your commercial or residential property to take measurements and get a feel for the existing layout. We can provide a wide range of services designed to create the look, feel, and function that you desire for your property, as well as options that will help to maintain it and increase the return on your investment. While hardscaping requires much less maintenance than landscaping, there are still recommended services for cleaning, repair, and upkeep that will help it to look great for many years to come. Our Rhode Island snow removal services and other seasonal offerings work to ensure that hardscaping design in New England stands up to the elements and that any small issues are repaired right away to prevent more significant structural problems.

Our team can help you identify your goals for the new outdoor hardscaping space. Whether you are a restaurant or café that requires additional outdoor dining space or an office complex that wants to create an employee retreat for lunches and breaks, we can provide the hardscape construction services necessary to get the job done right. We work with each client as an individual to develop and deliver services that tailor to their unique needs and vision for the property. Today’s outdoor living spaces, focal features, and other hardscaping elements go way beyond a basic patio or retaining wall. Our team stays on top of the latest trends and ideas in Rhode Island hardscaping design so we can meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. Our services are designed to help you achieve your goals while keeping within any industry requirements, local regulations, or budgetary limits.

Hardscaping Increases Value

One of the benefits associated with using hardscaping design in New England for commercial properties is the ability to instantly increase property value. Whether your goal is to sell the property in the future or simply make it more attractive to prospective tenants, hardscaping can help create features that get results. Repairing or removing cracked and crumbling walkways, replacing standard sidewalks with beautiful pavers or natural stone, designing unique patios, and adding other hardscaping elements can really enhance a commercial property’s look and feel. Other features, including wood decks, sheds, and arbors, can add function and flair to your business that will make it more attractive to customers, visitors, tenants, and anyone who passes by the property. Landscape lighting, retaining walls, and other hardscaping elements can actually increase security, reducing the potential for crime or criminal activity on-site.

Our professional services for Rhode Island hardscaping design and construction can help to increase value in other ways. A commercial, residential property, such as an HOA, condominium, or apartment complex, can benefit from more resident-friendly features. Community picnic areas, exercise spaces, well-lit walking paths, water features, statues, built-in seating, and other popular designs can be used to enhance the value to prospective buyers and renters. Having access to all of these planned features can make it more attractive, especially for those who enjoy outdoor living, activities, and exercise within their own gated community. Integrating hardscaping and landscaping elements, such as built-in planters and winding walkways through well-groomed gardens, can increase the value even further, creating a beautiful oasis in the middle of a large property. Our team can help you choose features and elements based on your property’s needs and budget to create a comprehensive approach to property management and design.

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