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Hardscaping Construction for Commercial Outdoor Living Space

commercial outdoor living space construction northern rhode islandToday’s commercial property owners are looking for new ways to add value through custom hardscape design services. Beautiful walkways, patio areas, and other community spaces are just the beginning. Well-planned retaining walls add a focal point and professional aesthetic appeal while serving as a tool to increase security. Whatever your Rhode Island hardscaping needs, our team can help you with the design, construction, and any ongoing maintenance to increase the function and flair of your commercial property.

Apartment complexes and HOAs, along with sizeable single-family property owners are just some of the residential clients that we serve. For commercial clients, our hardscaping construction can be used for corporate buildings, educational facilities, retail stores, shopping centers, mini-malls, municipal areas, and much more. There is no limit to the variety of services that we can provide to improve outdoor living space in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

A Worthwhile Investment

A large empty space with a lot of lawn to maintain can be difficult to keep looking great and will ultimately cost a lot in fertilizer, mowing, weed treatments, overseeding, and patching. Break up large green areas with Rhode Island hardscaping to create a more functional space that requires a lot less attention and maintenance. Rhode Island hardscaping features also work to protect your property and prevent the soil from eroding during extreme weather conditions or flooding. Consult with our custom hardscape design services team to overcome issues such as properties that have a lot of hills, valleys, and grading issues.

Some of the services that we provide include stone structure work, such as walkways, retaining walls, and patio areas. We also work with landscape lighting and can offer custom outdoor features with any hardscaping construction project. Commercial and residential drainage services can be provided, and the design and construction of water features and other focal points, is another option for our customers. Wood structures, including sheds, arbors, pergolas, and decks can also be installed by our crew. Our design team works with each client to develop and deliver services that tailor to their unique needs and vision. Got an idea for outdoor living space in Northern Rhode Island or hardscaping projects that will increase property value? Give us a call and get a NO COST estimate for any of the services we provide.

New Construction

If you have a lot of wide, open space on your commercial property and want to make more use out of it, contact our team. Our hardscaping construction crew can add beautiful features, including built-in seating, water features, pathways, walkways, garden areas, retaining walls, and landscape lighting and features to bring it all together. We can help to hide unsightly areas of your property, block off employee-only entrances and break areas, and increase security with creative use of custom hardscape design services and elements. Hardscaping can be used to increase the visual appeal of your property while boosting function at the same time.

Renovation Work

Properties that feature Rhode Island hardscaping elements that have fallen into disrepair due to age, poor maintenance, or accidental damage might think that removal is the only option. However, our team has a lot of experience working with existing outdoor living space in Northern Rhode Island and can help you with repair, renovation, and replacement, if necessary to enhance the look and function of your property. Unsafe structures can be a liability for you and your business. Contact our team to learn more about all of the services we offer for hardscaping construction on commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Choose Eastern Landscaping, Inc.

Our many years of experience working with these types of projects can help us to provide you with realistic expectations, unique design options for Rhode Island hardscaping, and we even have all of the equipment and manpower necessary to build and install it for you. Our training, skills, and experience really separate us from the other hardscape construction contractors in the area.

Our custom solutions can help you to meet your functional needs while sticking to your budgetary requirements. Working with a team of design experts and skilled technicians who work together to achieve your goals provides a service that you can rely on to meet or exceed your expectations. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our designers or technicians and get started on your hardscaping project today!

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