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Glocester Landscape Contractors for Rhode Island Sod and Seed

Glocester Rhode Island LandscapingThe snow has melted and the freezing days of winter are finally leaving the Northern Rhode Island region. Commercial and residential landscaping services are busy helping property owners get ready for spring. One of the best ways to get on top of lawn issues right away is through the use of professional Rhode Island sod and seed services. Eastern Landscaping provides a wide array of seasonal services to our customers, serving as professional Smithfield, Pawtucket, and Glocester landscape contractors throughout the Northern Rhode Island region. Our many years working in the Southern New England area have provided us with the knowledge and experience to help our clients transition between the dormant winter and spring growing season, improving their property to look its very best.

When it comes to establishing a beautiful lawn you have two choices: sod and seed. Should you take the time to start a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn with turf seed or should you lay down fresh sod to get an instant lawn in a single day? Making this decision can be a challenge, but there are three primary things that will help you make the best choice: cost, time, and ongoing maintenance. Working with experienced landscape service providers for comprehensive landscaping and planting in Rhode Island can help, reducing the amount of care and maintenance that you and your team would be responsible for providing. So what’s the best choice? The answer is not so simple, because it depends solely on you and your unique situation.

The Case for Seed

When it comes to the budget, there’s no better choice than seed. When you contact Eastern Landscaping for commercial or residential landscaping services, we will come out to your property, check and test the existing soil, and provide you with everything you need to achieve a beautiful lawn. Our comprehensive maintenance plan can also be used to ensure that your lawn and entire landscaping and planting in Rhode Island gets the care and treatment that it requires. When you hire a team of professional Glocester landscape contractors to plant your new lawn, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. Taking care of your property is our top priority. From landscaping design to Rhode Island sod and seed services, we can provide you with a FREE no-cost estimate so you will know exactly what to expect when you hire our team.

If you decide to use seed in the spring, make sure to contact our team as early as possible so we can get started. There is a narrow window of planting time when the ground is ready for planting, yet the temperatures aren’t so warm that it creates a stressful growing environment. The warmer the weather, the more weeds; which is why most experts recommend seeding in early spring or late summer and early fall for best results.

There are many benefits associated with starting a new lawn with seed. The price is attractive enough, costing a fraction of what it would cost for commercial or residential landscaping services for sod installation. Seed also provides a deeper root system, which can create a healthier lawn, in the long run, require less maintenance, and last from season to season without needing a lot of care. Seeding is also the best choice for large amounts of property, so if you have a big space that needs to get green for the season, contact Eastern Landscaping about seeding, landscaping, and planting in Rhode Island right away.

The Case for Sod

On the other hand, many of our customers prefer sod because it offers instant results. Our team of highly trained and experienced Northern Rhode Island sod and seed technicians can help you choose the best sod based on your needs. There is also a wider range of planting times that can help you achieve great-looking results when you start with sod instead of seed. Sod is also thick and is less susceptible to weeds, establishing and looking great in a matter of days instead of weeks and months. Sod can be easily cut to size to fill holes, repair damaged turf areas, and freshen up spots on your lawn that received heavy traffic during the winter months.

Maintenance is still required for sod, such as being properly watered to ensure that the roots make their way into the soil and establish. If they do not, the turf will not look healthy and could die off rather quickly. With the amount of money that you would invest for a sod lawn, you will want to make sure that your Glocester landscape contractors include maintenance at least while the lawn is getting established.

Since sod can be used at any time of year, including spring, summer, and fall, you can use it whenever you want. So if you need to green up your commercial lawn in the middle of summer and can’t wait for the temperatures to subside, our Northern Rhode Island sod and seed technicians can get the job done. A large area will be quite expensive, but if time is more important to you than budget, then sod will still be the best choice. Certain types of property will also look better if sod is used, such as sloped land, which can be susceptible to erosion and seed or water runoff. Make sure to speak with one of our technicians if you have questions about sod versus seed for your property.

Ready to Get Green?

Contact Eastern Landscaping by calling our team at 401-766-9035. We can answer any questions that you might have about our professional commercial and residential landscaping services. Our team can come out to your property to provide you with a no cost estimate for any of the services that you require from our full-service landscaping company in Northern Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts.

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