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Glocester Hardscaping Design: Commercial Water Feature Ideas

hardscaping water features GlocesterThere are many different types of hardscaping construction in Rhode Island that are popular with our commercial clients. Walkways, driveways, patios, outdoor living areas, retaining walls, and seating areas are frequently requested for office complexes, shopping malls, and other consumer businesses. However, when it comes to commercial hardscaping solutions, it is possible to increase the value of your business property by as much as 20 percent when you choose to install a water feature. There are many benefits to using Glocester hardscaping design to enhance your Northern Rhode Island commercial property. Hardscaping can help to make better use of outdoor space, improve the layout of a multi-tenant business complex, and provide employees and visitors with options for lunch breaks, meetings, waiting, and relaxing when on-site.

The Benefits of Commercial Water Features

There are three primary advantages of using a water feature in your plans for hardscaping construction in Rhode Island. The first is sound, offering visitors a buffer from the surrounding traffic and busy commercial or industrial area. Sound helps people to relax, destress, and focus on the important business at hand, which is why water features are so popular both indoors and outdoors for commercial properties. The second advantage is substance, which helps to significantly improve the curb appeal of the property and create a long-lasting first impression for shoppers, tenants, and clients. The final benefit is motion, which is essential to what might otherwise be a boring and bland office building. For the most part, most commercial structures are very plain and do not stand out from others in the local area. A water feature will help create a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests and improve the general surroundings.

In addition to these main benefits of including a water feature with your Glocester hardscaping design, studies have shown that construction projects like these actually improve a person’s mood. What would that mean to your business if you could elevate the mood and emotions of your visitors? For a property management company, this might result in happier tenants who look forward to coming to work and extend their plans to continue leasing space at your building. For business owners, improved mood might translate to increased sales, consumer confidence, and overall better customer experience. Employees are not exempt from these benefits, as many studies have shown that a well-planned water feature can boost morale, improve efficiency, and create better workers.

What Type of Water Feature is Best?

Finding something that employs all of the essential advantages of using water with hardscaping design in Rhode Island is critical to maximizing the return on investment. That means you will want a water feature that offers sound, substance, and motion all in one to create a positive experience for everyone involved. Choose from a basic water fountain, a custom waterfall, a hardscaped pond with a trickling stream, or something even more unique to create a beneficial impact. Work with your local designer for quality commercial hardscaping solutions that can be used year-round at your New England property. You don’t want to build something that only makes sense in the spring and summer, but might have to be shut down or would be inoperable in the fall and winter months.

Property owners and managers can also combine various elements of successful Glocester hardscaping design together to further increase value. For example, a colorful courtyard made with natural pavers and built-in seating could be the perfect setting for a unique fountain. You could also choose to offer outdoor tables and chairs in a patio area near a custom waterfall or pond that would provide an instant breakroom and conversation space that your employees, tenants, and visitors would appreciate. A new installation might not even be necessary, our team can repair and remove cracked and crumbling walkways, patios, and other hardscaping elements and replace them with beautiful features that you will be proud to show off in your property brochure. Landscape lighting, along with plants, trees, bushes, flower beds, and grasses can also further enhance your new area with the season.

Custom Commercial Hardscaping Solutions

If you are searching for new ideas that you can use for hardscaping design in Rhode Island, look no further than Eastern Landscaping. Our team of highly trained and experienced designers and technicians can help you get the look and function that you want to achieve your goals. We can help with just about any type of custom hardscaping construction in Rhode Island, assisting you and your staff from the early design phases all the way through to installation and ongoing maintenance. Contact our team at 401-766-9035 to schedule a NO COST estimate for your Glocester hardscaping design. We can answer any questions you might have about commercial hardscaping solutions and landscaping design, as well as provide you with a portfolio and reference list of other clients we have helped in your area.

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