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Full Service Landscaping & Lawn Fertilization in Rhode Island

full service landscaping northern rhode islandStaying on top of your commercial landscaping in the summer months can be a challenge. The hot weather, combined with increased rainfall and humid days, helps plants to grow at a fast rate. Glocester landscape contractors can help you with full service landscaping to keep your lawn under control with mowing, trimming, edging, and lawn fertilization in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Make sure to let your landscaping companies in Rhode Island know if you have excessive growth or need to make changes to better adapt to the change of season.

Lawn Care Services

Fast-growing grass can make it seem like forever until your scheduled day for full service landscaping. You might want to ask your landscaping company about increasing the service during these months or talk about cutting the lawn down a little further to help it last longer. Some types of grass will not do well with this approach, which can cause bald spots and brown patches in the grass due to lack of water being able to get into the roots under the ground. Other causes of lawn distress include extreme heat or increased foot traffic by visitors to your commercial property.

For a lush lawn, your Glocester landscape contractors should keep most types of grass to about three to four inches in height. This will help the roots to dive down deeper into the soil to get moisture. There are many advantages to deep roots, including fewer weeds and reduced need for lawn fertilization in Rhode Island.

Plant Care and Color Spots

One of the more popular upgrades for retail, office, residential, and medical commercial properties is to add plants of varying heights and “color spots” that feature flower beds with seasonal blooms in a variety of colors. However, plants need more water and assistance during the summer if they are going to make it through the heat of August. Another basic service associated with full service landscaping is to trim any dead branches or unsightly growth off of trees and plants. While some seasons are better for pruning than others, there are definite times when it must happen to protect the plant, tree, or property: dead, diseased, or damaged branches and overgrown brush are just a few examples.

Color spots should be chosen not just based on color, but on which plants will thrive during the time of year that they are planted. Work with landscaping companies in Rhode Island to choose flowers that are native or drought-tolerant to reduce the amount of irrigation that is required to keep them looking their best in the summer sun.

Irrigation Checks and Maintenance

Speak with your Glocester landscape contractors about your irrigation system to ensure that it is working to provide you with the best possible results. With proper prep in the fall to prevent damage or frozen pipes during the winter, summer is the next most challenging time of year for your irrigation system. Increased use means more wear and tear, which should signal your full service landscaping company to check each section during maintenance visits. A defective sprinkler head can increase your water bill, but will also cause damage to your landscape. Some areas will get too much water, while others won’t get enough. If you have recurring issues with your sprinklers, it might be a sign that you need to replace it or upgrade it to handle the type of services that you require.

Call Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for a NO COST Estimate

If you are interested in getting an estimate for full service landscaping in the Northern Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts area, contact our team at 401-766-9035. We offer professional maintenance and landscape construction services and have the capacity to handle any lawn care of exterior construction that you may need. Our technicians focus on native New England plantings to provide you with a beautiful landscape for your commercial or residential property.

Whether you require ongoing maintenance, seasonal work, or lawn fertilization in Rhode Island, our Glocester landscape contractors can make your property look its very best. We offer full-service plantings, landscaping design, sod and seed installation, tree and shrubbery pruning and care, and winterizing services. Call for more information about our lawn and landscaping maintenance services for commercial, corporate, retail, and residential properties.

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