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Full Service Landscaping for Summer Lawn Care in Rhode Island

summer lawn care in rhode islandFor property owners and managers in the New England area during summer, keeping the lawn green and the shrubs under control might seem like an impossible task. The good news is that you can work with an experienced full service landscaping company like Eastern Landscaping to help keep residential and commercial lawns looking their best. Our team is experienced in Rhode Island sod and seed services, providing new growth, patching, and weed control as part of our seasonal support for commercial and residential properties. Landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island can be quite different than what is required in other parts of the country, so it pays to work with a professional team. Eastern Landscape can provide a wide range of services to ensure proper summer lawn care in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Why is New England Grass So Challenging?

The climate throughout the northeastern states can vary wildly – even from one day to the next. Winter temperatures average below freezing, putting grasses and other landscaping elements through a long dormant phase before everything thaws again in the spring. Hearty plants are necessary, as well as knowledgeable care from a full service landscaping company. Don’t trust the curb appeal of your professional property with landscapers who are inexperienced when it comes to summer lawn care in Rhode Island. During the summer months, we can sometimes hit the triple digits, depending on the property location, so a knowledge of providing care during a whole realm of temperature ranges is definitely required.

When it comes to grass, one of the most popular choices for our Rhode Island sod and seed services is a strong and durable blend of bluegrass and fescue. Blends provide properties with certain advantages, such as being able to adapt and look their best throughout the crazy temperature ranges and weather in New England. When one variety is weak due to the heat or all-day sun, the other option in the blend shines and grows to fill in the gaps. Rye is another hearty type of grass that is often used by landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Proper watering, regular trimming, and quality care are essential when it comes to taking care of lawns, shrubs, and flower beds in the northeastern states.

Trust the Locals for a Beautiful Summer Property

One of the ways that we help our clients to have a beautiful commercial or residential property year-round is by using a lot of native plants. Not only will these options grow better and thrive throughout their growing season, but they are also drought-tolerant and will require less irrigation and maintenance, even when they are at their peak. More property owners are seeking the use of local or native plant varieties to support a more sustainable landscaping approach for their commercial, corporate, retail, and multi-use properties. It is appealing, not just from a budgetary standpoint but also to consumers and visitors who are more aware of water use issues and appreciate a commitment to sustainability.

At Eastern Landscaping, our comprehensive maintenance plan goes well beyond the basic Rhode Island sod and seed services that we provide. We can work year-round to help you maintain your property, prepare your lawn and landscaping elements for winter weather, ensure that they recover quickly in the spring, and offer all of the nutrition and care they require during the summer. We provide your lawn and landscaping the care and treatment it needs, when and where it needs it. When you hire our team to provide summer lawn care in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is well under control and that your property will look its very best.

Call for a No-Cost Custom Quote

We understand that no two properties are exactly alike, which is why we don’t offer cookie-cutter landscaping plans to our clients. Contact our team by calling 401-766-9035, and we will come to your property, listen to your needs, and provide you with a no-cost custom quote for our landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Customer service is our top priority, whether you hire us for a single job or contract for an ongoing maintenance plan. Call today and see the Eastern Landscaping difference!

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