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Flower Bed Planting and Care Tips for Spring in Rhode Island

Commercial properties need to get a head start on the season if they want to have beautiful landscaping for spring and summer seasons. Commercial and residential landscaping services can help office complexes, apartment complexes, industrial parks, and retail malls look their very best. Flower bed planting and care are vital to the seasonal look of your property, especially if you will be doing color changes throughout the year. Landscape maintenance services through professional companies like Eastern Landscaping, Inc. take the pressure off your on-site maintenance crew, giving them more time to tackle daily tasks.

It is important to hire landscaping companies in Rhode Island that can provide you with the services that you desire to help you achieve your goals. Seasonal blooms surrounding property signs, hardscaping features, and other focal points are a great way to add a touch of color and life without having to invest a lot of time and money in making major changes. Communication with your landscape maintenance services company can help you get the look you want, while also understanding the springtime work that needs to be done to get your property into shape after a long, cold winter.

Spring Clean-Up for the Property
Start the season with a spring clean-up that includes turning the soil in planting beds, raking out the lawn to remove any thatch build-up, and trimming any trees, bushes, and shrubs that require repair after the fall and winter seasons. Early on, the only removal that should occur with regard to pruning and trimming, should be restricted to branches that are broken or diseased. Perennials that do not bloom early in the spring season can be pruned early.

It is important that the timing for all of this work be done according to the weather forecast. Work with your landscaping companies in Rhode Island to find the perfect window for all of your flower bed planting and care to begin. You can’t just decide that the work will start on the first of the month. You need to wait, see what the forecast is for your area, determine whether there will be any further frosts in the region, and then pick a date to begin the work accordingly.

Preparing to Plant
While you are waiting for the timing to be right for turning the soil and planting, you can have your crew start edging the flower beds and other planting areas. Any winter protection that was put out for certain varieties of trees and shrubs can be removed as soon as the temperature is maintained at a safe level. Fertilizer can also be applied to trees and shrubs as soon as they are ready. A soil test can be performed by your commercial and residential landscaping service as soon as the soil thaws. This is very important to the success of any plants that you want to include in your seasonal planting for the property.

When you begin to see spring bulbs coming up out of the ground, make sure to fertilize appropriately. All perennials should be fertilized for best results. Check the soil temperature regularly, as crabgrass will begin to germinate as soon as the average temperature reaches 50 degrees. Make sure to apply a pre-emergent crabgrass killer at this time and hold off on fertilizing the lawn areas until after the grass is mowed for the first time of the season. Trees and shrubs can be transplanted before they begin to grow again. This is a great time to divide any plants that need to be separated.

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