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Expand Usable Space With Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island

There are many benefits to contracting a hardscaping construction project for your commercial property. Hardscaping design in Rhode Island can be used in several ways, reducing the amount of lawn to establish eco-friendly, low maintenance solutions or to expand the amount of usable space for visitors. Rhode Island hardscape construction can be used to protect your investment, prevent soil from eroding, and increase security. There are lots of different types of projects that fall under the umbrella of hardscaping design. The best way to achieve your goals and get great-looking results in the process is to work with a professional service provider.

What Can You Do?

The first thing you will want to consider is how you want to use the space. Establishing goals, such as traffic control, improved aesthetics, increased function, or creating a specific-use area, will help you to create a plan. Our team can come to your property and work with you, offering professional consultation and advice concerning your ideas. Hardscaping construction can be done year-round, even during the winter, providing property owners with a great way to prepare for the next season without having to wait for the ground to thaw. Think beyond just a basic patio or surface area and consider all of the things that you can do with hardscaping design in Rhode Island.

Some examples of the projects that we have worked on for commercial clients include:

  • stone structures, including walkways, paths, patios, and retaining walls
  • outdoor lighting, such as security, spotlight, ambient, and seasonal
  • wood structures, include arbors, pergolas, sheds, and decks
  • focal points for gardens and courtyards, such as fountains and statues

Projects That Increase Value

The first thing you will want to consider is whether the project that you have in mind will increase value. Value can be measured in several ways. The financial value, as in the value of the property after you have improved it, is one way to decide whether a project is a good idea for your business. Aesthetic value, as in the improvements being made increasing the beauty of the property, making it more attractive to visitors, including customers, employees, vendors, colleagues, and potential clients. Use value, as in maximizing the space to provide more opportunities for how it could be used, such as an outdoor grilling space for residential tenants to have barbecues or outdoor seating areas for employees to take well-deserved breaks in the fresh air.

Other features that can make a big difference in how you use your property would include the replacement of broken or outdated elements. Crumbling walkways could be replaced with beautiful pathways. Outdated lighting fixtures could be upgraded to LED lighting that is not only more efficient but provides better security and ambiance in your gardens, walkways, and parking areas. Custom designs and solutions are one of our strong points. We have worked with many clients to create Rhode Island hardscape construction designs that meet their specific needs. Each property has its unique challenges, which is why low maintenance solutions that add value are so attractive to many property owners and managers. We can help you to get your property in shape and create an outdoor environment that will be a pleasure to visit and use.

Hardscaping Construction Maintenance

The great news about hardscaping design in Rhode Island is that it takes very little time and dedication to maintain it. Regular cleanings with a proper hose or pressure wash system will keep the stone, wood, and other outdoor materials clean and free of dirt and debris that can cause it to degrade or change color over time. Minor repairs, regular inspections, and preventive services can help even the most sensitive stone and wood to stay in excellent condition for many years. Our goal with Rhode Island hardscape construction is to provide our clients with great-looking projects that meet or exceed their expectations. Low maintenance solutions are the hallmark of hardscaping construction, and we strive to ensure that the materials we choose will be easy to care for throughout the life of the installation.

We offer a wide range of custom landscape and hardscape construction solutions that will help you to maintain the look and feel of your new outdoor living space. To learn more about all of the services that we offer to commercial clients in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts, contact one of our team members. We can come out to your property to provide a complete consultation for your Rhode Island hardscape construction project, provide a NO COST estimate for our services, and discuss your ideas at length. Call today at 401-766-9035 to speak with one of our agents about hardscaping design in Rhode Island and our extended Southern New England service area.

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