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Custom Design Landscaping Services in Northern Rhode Island

As a full service landscape company, Eastern Landscaping offers a wide range of services for our commercial and residential clients. Landscape construction and design is one of the areas where we are highly proficient. Ongoing services, including weekly maintenance and seasonal lawn fertilization in Rhode Island, can also be provided. We have the capacity, equipment, and training necessary to handle any lawn care, exterior construction, or specialized landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts. We can even accommodate unique design requests and assist you in creating the landscaping look that you want for your property.

Landscaping Styles for Commercial & Residential Properties

There are seven different primary styles when it comes to landscape construction. While some are used to reflect the natural surroundings of the area in which they are used, others may bring in unique elements and plantings from other regions around the world. The landscaping style that you choose should complement the architecture of on-site buildings or at least match the theme or focus of your commercial business. The way that your property’s grounds are landscaped will directly impact the exterior aesthetic appeal and set the tone for visitors. Consult with our professional landscape designers to determine whether your ideas would work best for your property.

Contemporary – This type of landscaping design includes lines that are clean, bold, smooth, and geometrical. Many of the existing elements for your property can likely be repurposed to increase sustainability while reducing waste and cost. New focal pieces can be added that include modern materials and abstract elements. Less lawn space and more hardscaping elements and unique plantings can be found in contemporary landscape construction.

Desert – Even though landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island are far from desert-like, this doesn’t mean that you cannot take a desert approach to landscape. Our full service landscape company can suggest plants, rocks, grasses, and other elements that would support your efforts to create a desert look and feel for your property. While this might only include a small portion of your property as a focal feature, it may very well become your favorite area because of its unique style and design.

Xeriscaping – Often confused with desert landscaping because it is used frequently in areas of drought to conserve water and other resources, xeriscaping can be accomplished anywhere. The primary goal of xeriscaping is to be more environmentally friendly. This can be appealing for properties that have embraced other eco-friendly solutions, including LEED-certified construction. It is essential to work with a full service landscape company that has experience working with this style before attempting to create it effectively for your property.

Tropical – A little challenging for northeastern landscaping, the tropical look and feel can be very appealing for many different commercial and residential properties. Very lush, full, and dense with foliage, the goal is to create a tropical-like look and feel. The use of curved edging, bright flowers, and plants commonly associated with tropical locations should all be considered. Some items may appear in potted arrangements that could be moved indoors during the winter months if the plants require more temperate surroundings.

Asian – While not the most common style used by landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island, this philosophy regarding landscape construction is gaining popularity nationwide. The Asian style embraces a more natural approach to landscaping, which includes areas of grass mixed in with flowering shrubs, hardscaping elements, decorative pieces, and water features to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Mediterranean – This type of landscape style features Tuscan, Spanish, and French influences with decorative and ornamental features. Some of the common attributes found in this type of landscape construction include green hedges, structural columns, water fountains, and lush lawns. Make sure to include seasonal lawn fertilization in Rhode Island to keep your Mediterranean landscape looking its best.

Ready to Create a New Look for Your Property?

Contact Eastern Landscaping to discuss your ideas for landscaping services in Northern Rhode Island. Whether you are ready to create a new look, embrace a unique style, or simply want maintenance services from our full service landscape company, we can help you achieve your goals. Contact our team at 401-766-9035 to request a consultation and to receive a no cost estimate for landscape construction and ongoing maintenance services.

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