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Curb Appeal: Commercial Landscaping Services in Rhode Island

Curb Appeal Commercial Landscaping Rhode IslandOne of the best ways to draw attention to your commercial business is to make improvements to the exterior of your building. Full service landscaping, regular lawn maintenance, and seasonal accents through professional Rhode Island landscaping companies can really make a difference. Whether you require weekly services or annual lawn fertilization in Rhode Island, you can count on Eastern Landscaping to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to commercial landscaping services, we are also experienced in landscaping and hardscaping design for our clients in Southeastern Massachusetts and Northern Rhode Island. Selecting a couple of extra amenities can make marked improvements that your customers, clients, employees, and guests will enjoy. Medical offices, business office centers, shopping malls, educational campuses, and other types of commercial properties can all benefit from our professional services.

Functional Amenities

One way to improve your commercial landscaping is to add functional amenities, such as outdoor patio sets or built-in hardscaping furniture. This provides visitors to your property with space to sit outdoors, relax for a few moments, take a private phone call, or wait for an appointment. Used by employees for breaks, tenants to enhance a residential space, customers, clients, and other visitors, think about all the ways that you could use outdoor furniture to improve your existing commercial landscaping services.

  • barbecue areas
  • picnic spots
  • eating spaces
  • lounge or relaxation areas
  • sight-seeing or view-point spots
  • community spaces

Landscape Lighting

Show off your beautiful full service landscaping and create a safer, more inviting space at night by adding landscape lighting to your property. Rhode Island landscaping companies can provide you with energy efficient lighting solutions that won’t cost a lot to operate, but that will deliver a huge impact on the quality of your landscaping. Pathway lighting can take even a simple landscaping design to the next level. Spotlighting can be used to highlight hardscaping areas or focal features within your property. Colorful lighting can help to set your business apart from other well-lit spots in the area and draw in new business.

Fencing and Retaining Walls

Don’t just add a big and foreboding fence to your property in an attempt to keep visitors out of employee-only or secured areas. Instead, get creative and add a bit of color, texture, and beauty to your property with quality retaining walls and fencing. Fencing adds an attractive appeal to any property, providing additional security and access control for businesses. Cover up that trash bin with a beautiful stone wall or prevent customers from going into employee areas by strategic placement of fencing. Wood, metal, stone, and brick are just some of the options used frequently by Rhode Island businesses for fencing and retaining walls.

Add a Water Feature

Never underestimate the value of a beautiful water feature to highlight the rest of your property. Why spend money on lawn fertilization in Rhode Island if no one ever really gets out onto the property to see all of your hard work and effort? Beautiful lawns can be accented by ponds, fountains, and other well-planned water features. Visitors will frequently gather around water features, making it a great place to put outdoor furniture and separate seating areas to maximize the effect. Speak with Eastern Landscaping about including a water feature that can be maintained by our commercial landscaping services, giving you a truly worry-free landscaping experience.

Make sure to ask about our:

  • ponds
  • fountains
  • waterfalls
  • river beds

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for Commercial Landscaping Services

Whether your focus is on maintaining colorful flower beds and gardens or if you want to kick your current commercial landscaping up a few notches, our Rhode Island landscaping companies services can help you to achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of professional maintenance, design, construction, and installation services in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area.

We have a team of highly trained landscaping and hardscaping professionals, as well as all of the equipment needed, to provide you with the results that you desire. From our master planning and design team to our project managers and installation experts, we have earned a solid reputation for our commitment to providing each client with top quality creativity, innovation, and service. Contact our team at 401-766-9035 to get a NO COST ESTIMATE or to speak with our designers about full service landscaping and design.

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