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Create Outdoor Living Spaces: Hardscaping Design in New England

outdoor living spaces northern rhode islandHardscaping elements can be a real asset to a commercial or multi-family residential property. Rhode Island hardscaping can increase property value, create more functional space, and improve aesthetic appeal. Property owners who are looking to reduce overhead and make better use of in-house staff can benefit from these low maintenance solutions that don’t require a lot of attention to keep looking and performing as they should. Compared to lawns, which need a lot of water and demand attention for mowing, edging, seeding, and weeding, hardscaping construction can significantly reduce water consumption and the need for professional landscaping services.

Patios, Picnic Areas, and Living Space

One of the most effective ways to use hardscaping design in New England is to create patios, picnic areas, and other outdoor living spaces. Barbecue areas, dining tables and chairs for employee breaks, outdoor areas for staff meetings, and relaxing benches and gardens for residents, tenants, customers, and other visitors can be very beneficial. For property owners trying to lease or rent out space, these areas can be a huge selling point, offering additional space that can be used in many ways. For businesses, outdoor living areas can provide an excellent space for employees to eat their lunches, take a break from a busy office, meet with clients, or take a personal phone call.

Walkways, Sidewalks, and Paths

Rhode Island hardscaping can be used to guide visitors and staff from one place to another. A well-planned and well-lit path can bring people from the parking lot to your main entrance, offer a scenic route to a break or picnic area, and prevent them from going into maintenance or secured spaces on your property. Gardens should be enjoyed and appreciated: a lovely stone paver walkway or flower-lined landscaping path can create a unique focal point that will add value. Replace broad and expansive lawns with a more visually-appealing and functional space that can be used by employees, customers, and visitors alike.

Recreational Areas

These low maintenance solutions can also be used to further enhance recreational areas, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, playgrounds, and other popular spaces. Built-in benches, walkways, flower beds, patios, steps, water features, gazebos, and much more will provide even more function to already usable space. Hardscaping construction can be simple or complex, standard or custom, depending on your needs. Our team will work with you to create a plan that will meet all of your needs for function, visual appeal, and budget. Our many years of experience working with commercial and residential property owners can be used to your advantage, and provide you with professional services.

Retaining and Security Walls

Another popular use of hardscaping design in New England is to create retaining walls, garden planting boxes, and security walls for commercial and multi-family residential properties. Retaining walls help to add structure to large properties, keep visitors in designated areas, prevent access to secured spaces, and make the property easier to manage. Retaining walls can be made out of many different materials, including natural stone, man-made pavers, cinder blocks, concrete, and the surfaces can be made in just about any color, style, or texture. Our team has many years of experience working with retaining, planting, and security walls for our clients as part of Rhode Island hardscaping design and construction.

Custom Design and Solutions

When you contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. to discuss your needs for low maintenance solutions with hardscaping construction, we can help you design, build, and maintain your new Rhode Island hardscaping to ensure that you get the best return on your investment. Our knowledge, skills, and experience in this area are what really separates us from other landscape and hardscape contractors in Northern Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.

Browse our website to see photos from some of the projects that we have worked on or speak with one of our agents to learn more about the techniques and equipment that we use for this type of installation. Whether you want a stone patio, wood deck, water feature, or focal point to increase the value of your property, we can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 to get a free NO COST estimate for hardscaping construction and design.

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