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Create an Outdoor Living Space: Rhode Island Hardscape Design

One of the best ways to add value and extend your outdoor activities is to enlist the assistance of Rhode Island hardscape design and construction. Commercial, corporate, multi-family, and private residential properties can all benefit significantly from Rhode Island hardscape construction through our full service landscaping company. There are many advantages to adding hardscape elements to your property. Not only do they increase property value, but they create the opportunity for value-added services for your customers, employees, residents, tenants, and visitors. Hardscaping services in Rhode Island can include pathways and walkways, patios and decks, water features and built-in seating, recreational areas, retaining walls, and much more.

Deciding What You Want

The size, scope, and type of Rhode Island hardscape design that you want for your property will depend on a number of things. The amount of money you want to invest, the area available for construction, and the objective that you have for the project, and what you want it to accomplish. In a busy apartment complex or condominium association property, two examples of multi-family residential clients that we serve, you might want to establish more community areas. Picnic spots, recreational features, greenbelt walkways and paths, water features, covered sitting areas – the list can go on and on. Eastern Landscaping will come out to your property to discuss your ideas so we can provide quality hardscaping services in Rhode Island that will help you achieve your goals.

The good news is that hardscaping projects can be accomplished at any time during the year. It might seem as though it were a fair weather type of construction, but our full service landscaping company has a team of highly trained technicians, designers, and all the equipment necessary to offer hardscaping construction year-round – even during the winter. Our knowledge, experience, and skills in this area are what separate us from other landscape contractors in the Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts region. Our custom solutions can be tailored to meet your creative ideas, functional needs, and any financial requirements. Take advantage of the latest approach to outdoor living spaces to enhance the value, usefulness, and curb appeal of your commercial or residential property.

Advantages of Hardscape Design

There are many benefits associated with adding hardscaping elements to your property. The first is the ability to increase value by creating a beautiful outdoor space for people to enjoy. What people? That is all up to you and where you decide to plan your Rhode Island hardscape construction. You could create an outdoor breakroom space for employees to use with covered roofing to protect them from the sun and the weather. You might require elements to prevent visitors, customers, and vendors from coming into areas designed specifically for maintenance staff or security crews. Other Rhode Island hardscape design services might focus on reducing lawn areas and replace them with low-maintenance hardscaping solutions instead.

Some hardscaping projects include the repair or removal of cracked and crumbling walkways, patios, and other non-plant landscaping elements. These can be replaced by beautifully-designed pavers or stone paths and then lit with modern landscape lighting and lined with other features. Wood decks, storage sheds, arbors, gazebos, and built-in seating, dining, planters, and fountains are just a few of the possibilities when the goal is to increase the actual value of the property. Contact Eastern Landscaping to discuss your ideas for hardscaping services in Rhode Island and the surrounding area. We can schedule an appointment to come to your property, walk the site with you, and take measurements to ensure that your plans will be able to work in the desired space. We can also discuss the benefits of hardscaping with our full service landscaping company.

Get a FREE Estimate for Hardscaping

If you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to schedule a consultation and get a FREE estimate for Rhode Island hardscape design and construction, give us a call at 401-766-9035. We can answer any questions you might have about hardscaping in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, show you photos from our portfolio to get an idea of the work that we do and discuss the costs for your project.

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