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Commercial Preparations for Spring Landscaping in Rhode Island

The best time of year to prepare your landscaping for the coming spring season is fall. This is your last chance to get everything buttoned down for winter, and it is ideal to take care of all the preparation required to hit the ground running when the snow melts and the weather begins to warm again next year. Commercial properties should take care of landscape spring preparation services from trusted landscaping companies in Rhode Island.

In addition to providing spring lawn care in Rhode Island the Southeastern Massachusetts, Eastern Landscaping also provides full services to commercial clients, including hardscaping design and installation for Glocester landscape contractors. So if you want more than just a basic Rhode Island sod and seed for your corporate, retail, office or commercial residential property, make sure to hire a team that has the knowledge, equipment, team, and experience required to get the job done right.

While many property owners believe that mulching in the spring is the most important thing you can do for a great summer garden, the truth is that fall mulching is much better for plants because it works to protect plants from the frost and assists in retaining moisture when the soil gets dry and cold. When you work with licensed landscaping companies in Rhode Island, they should be spreading approximately two to three inches of fresh mulch around all of your trees and shrubs. Quality mulch should be used that is free of disease spores. Avoid cheap mulch and invest in quality hardwood shredded mulch instead for better results.

Trim – Don’t Prune
Pruning is something that you do in the spring, as it encourages growth. In the fall, plants are preparing to be dormant during the winter, so pruning is out. However, your spring lawn care in Rhode Island should still take care of trimming and neatening up the appearance of your landscaping for the dormant season. If you have elements that are dead or dying, go ahead and have them removed as part of your landscape spring preparation. This includes annuals, perennials, spent blooms and dying ornamental grasses. If there are any dead and dying branches on trees, bushes or shrubs, your Glocester landscape contractors should take care of that for you as well.

Wrapping Landscape
Another great way to care for special elements in your commercial landscape to give them a better start in the spring is to wrap them. Wrapping can help to protect shrubs, bushes, and other plants from heavy snow and ice, shield them from high winds, and help maintain delicate branches and stalks. Small plants can be carefully hidden under buckets, or plastic pots and trees can be surrounded at the base with shredded leaves. All of this extra effort will pay off, keeping your plants and landscape healthy over the winter so they will look their best in the spring.

Sod and Seed Planning
Even if you only have small areas of grass on your commercial property, it pays to stay on top of Rhode Island sod and seed to help maintain the look and feel of your lawn. In fact, spring lawn care in Rhode Island is a very busy time, so the more planning and preparing you can do right now in the fall season, the easier it will be just to get everything going again in the spring so everything will be ready for summer. Make sure to remember Rhode Island sod and seed services for your landscape spring preparation needs.

Planting New Trees and Shrubs
Fall is the best time to plant brand new trees and shrubs, but only if you can do it before the first freeze. Cooler temperatures put less stress on new plants than in the warmer months, and if you can get them in the ground and going before the ground freezes, you’re in business. By early fall through the first week of December, many nurseries will often have trees, shrubs, and other plants at a considerable discount just to get rid of them before the season is over.

Contact Eastern Landscaping, Inc. in Rhode Island
If you own or manage commercial property in Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island, you can count on the quality and professional services available through Eastern Landscaping, Inc. Whether you want landscape spring preparation, want to start planning your Rhode Island sod and seed, are interested in hardscaping through Glocester landscape contractors or want to hire landscaping companies in Rhode Island for year-round services, we can help you to achieve your goals. Give us a call at 401-766-9035 and speak with one of our representatives to set an appointment for a free NO Cost estimate.

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