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Commercial Hardscaping Construction: Smithfield Outdoor Living

Smithfield Commercial Hardscaping DesignOne of the latest design trends for commercial residential properties, such as apartment or condominium complexes, is to provide tenants with outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area. The appeal of having space that can be used for relaxing, entertaining friends, or meeting neighbors is really catching on and is becoming popular with Rhode Island hardscape construction. Hardscaping is one method that is used by commercial property owners to reduce the need for constant manicuring through low maintenance solutions while providing a unique amenities designed to attract and retain renters.

Idea #1 – Fire Pits

Hanging out around a fire can set the mood for a relaxing evening. Bring the kids out to roast marshmallows on the flame or just hang out and share hot cocoa with friends. Renters really appreciate the appeal of these hardscaping construction options, which create an atmosphere that resembles homeownership. Not only is this an interactive feature that can be used well beyond the summer season, but it also establishes a beautiful outdoor decor and focal point that will enhance the look and feel of the entire property. Hardscaping design in New England for fire pits can include a natural stone patio surround, built-in seating and tables, as well as a retaining wall for a semi-enclosed and private space.

Idea #2 – Outdoor Theater

This can be an excellent idea for family-friendly properties, senior properties, or mixed demographic rentals. Who doesn’t love a movie night? Include a big screen that can be easily removed for storage, a nice seating area for residents to bring their lawn chairs and blankets, and maybe even a BBQ area for a complex cookout. Consider adding backyard game options like volleyball or badminton that can be played in the space when picnics and movie nights are not planned. Rhode Island hardscape construction can create natural-looking spaces that can be used for community functions and private parties.

Idea #3 – Poolside Cabanas

If your property has a built-in pool, consider adding some patio spaces and cabanas for residents to enjoy. Just a couple of special shaded spaces are all you need to improve the ambiance of your pool area and create an attractive option for tenants. Consider adding outdoor furniture to these spaces in addition to lounge chairs, such as outdoor sofas, tables, rugs, and lighting. To create this type of outdoor living space in Smithfield, hire a respected team for hardscaping design in New England. An add-on patio space made from pavers or natural stone can be the perfect base for your poolside cabanas.

Idea #4 – Outdoor Kitchens

Another great way to get residents outdoors to enjoy the property more is to build an outdoor kitchen. Make sure to include a family-style picnic table that will hold about 10-12 people. Create additional space in the area that can be used to place extra tables for larger groups. This can be used on a first-come-first-serve basis or through reservations at the manager’s office. The kitchen should include a cooktop, grill, refrigerator or built-in cooler, sink with running water, and an on-site trash can. Work with Rhode Island hardscape construction designers to create low maintenance solutions like this that will benefit your residents.

Idea #5 – Community Living Room

A beautiful built-in area that includes a covered patio area with seating, tables, and outdoor lighting would be a great place for tenants to hang out, talk with neighbors, and entertain friends. Include built-in outdoor sofas and add both overhead lighting and ambient “twinkle” lights to create a fun and exciting space for evening entertaining. If this space is near the office or clubhouse, you can consider adding a flat screen television, a functional bar space, and dining tables where the management can host community events. Ask your hardscaping construction designer about creating an outdoor living space in Smithfield like this for your apartment or condo property.

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If you are interested in learning more about hardscaping design in the New England area, contact Eastern Landscaping. Our team has many years of experience working with commercial and residential clients to create unique outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area. We work with clients in Northern Rhode Island and Massachusetts, creating low maintenance solutions and innovative designs to meet or exceed their expectations. Contact our team at 401-766-9035 and get a no-cost estimate for our Rhode Island hardscape construction design and installation.

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