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Boost Rhode Island Commercial Property Value With Hardscaping

Northern Rhode Island LandscapingLooking for new ways to increase the value of your commercial property? One way to achieve this is through strategic planning for landscaping and hardscaping design in New England. When it comes to the exterior of your business, regardless of the type of industry that you are in, you need a lot more than healthy, green grass and some well-manicured trees. Your best bet is to work with a full service landscaping company to design top quality Rhode Island hardscaping that will create an attractive outdoor area. This space can be functional or aesthetic, but whatever you decide to do, make sure to work with experienced and licensed contractors to get the job done right.

Creating a Functional Space

Depending on the type of business that you operate, whether it is designed to attract consumers, clients or provide business-to-business services, there are certain functional outdoor spaces that you can create with the help of commercial hardscape solutions. Functional space can be beneficial, not just to the aesthetic appeal and value of your commercial property, but also to your customers, employees, tenants, and prospective buyers or renters. An attractive outdoor area can be great for socializing, relaxing, enjoying the scenery, or taking a break.

Some examples of functional Rhode Island hardscaping include:

  • pergola
  • gazebo
  • patio
  • built-in seating areas
  • picnic tables
  • benches
  • dining areas
  • water features

When designed with the intended user in mind, your commercial hardscape solutions can be further enhanced with the use of well-planned landscaping. Working with a full service landscape company that also provides quality hardscaping design in New England is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Create relaxing and calming pathways that wind around a garden space that is filled with seasonal blooms, bushes, and trees designed to attract birds, butterflies, and other local nature. Functional hardscaping investments will typically recover not just the cost of the installation itself, but increase the value of your property even further.

Creating an Aesthetically-Pleasing Space

Another way to increase the value of your commercial property is to make improvements that enhance curb appeal. Working with a full service landscape company to take care of the weekly and seasonal chores, including raking, fertilizing, planting, watering, mowing, edging, trimming, and waste removal will make a big difference. If your property is in bad shape, Rhode Island hardscaping and landscaping services can get it back in shape much quicker than you might think. Laying down sod instead of planting grass from seed is a fast way to make a noticeable improvement. Adding color by planting blooming flowers and shrubs will help even more.

Pruning existing trees and planting a few new ones near your hardscaping design in New England will help to bring everything together to create a great-looking space. Some hardscaping elements may not appear to provide function, but can help with the navigation and security of commercial property. Retaining walls, privacy fencing, planned pathways, and outdoor landscape lighting can be a big help with property management for both large and small facilities. Make sure to express your goals, interests, problems, and hopes for the project when you meet with our commercial hardscape solutions team so we can offer you ideas designed to exceed your expectations.

Creating a Space With Purpose

Other ideas that you can use to further enhance your commercial property include picnic areas, playground spaces, and even dog park areas that can be used by visitors, tenants, residents, neighbors, customers, employees and just about anyone who comes to your property. Depending on the type of business that you run and the needs of the people who come there on a daily basis, one of these Rhode Island hardscaping ideas could be a huge asset. Dog park areas are great for big box pet stores, veterinary offices, groomers, and many other professional businesses. Playgrounds could be just the ticket for commercial properties that attract young families. Make sure to have a plan for maintaining these areas and keeping them well-lit, clean, and attractive to maximize the return on your investment.

Ready to consider commercial hardscape solutions? Contact our team at Eastern Landscaping, Inc. to get a FREE no cost estimate for any of the Rhode Island hardscaping or landscaping services that we provide. Our highly trained and experienced designers and technicians can assist you in implementing a well thought out plan to increase the value of your commercial property with our landscaping and hardscaping design in New England. Call today at 401-766-9035 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about the services that we offer to commercial and residential clients in Northern Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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