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Best Ideas for Designing Outdoor Living Spaces in Central RI

Outdoor Living Space Hardscaping DesignOne of the top requested home improvements in the United States right now outside of kitchen and bathroom remodeling is hardscaping design for outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces in Rhode Island and Massachusetts have been popular for some time now, but they are really becoming in demand for prospective home buyers all across the nation. Central Rhode Island hardscaping services should only come from licensed and experienced companies that work in the local area. The local laws, regulations and requirements of outdoor construction in New England are quite different from what you would find in other areas of the country, so this is one time when it pays to hire local.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Styles
One of the best tips for hardscaping design in Rhode Island is to bring your indoor style outdoors for a seamless transition. Think about the room that you and your guests will be coming from when you enter your outdoor living space. The decor, the style, the mood of that room should blend in with the decor, style and mood of the new outdoor room. This helps to really create the feeling of extending the living area of the home and will make your entire home feel larger as a result.

Another way to blend it all together is to integrate two walls of the home into the patio or foundation of the outdoor living space. It will make the whole thing feel like it is physically connected together as part of the original floor plan, even if you are just adding it years later. Other structural elements can be repeated, such as stone used on walls, fireplaces and barbecue areas mimicking the same stone used indoors.

Invest in What Matters
Work with your Rhode Island hardscape construction specialists when you choose the materials, based not just on the look and feel of the products, but also on the price. Make sure to spend your budget on the things that really matter, such as a built-in barbecue space if you will be doing a lot of outdoor cooking versus expensive natural stone pavers. You can use manufactured pavers or stamped concrete and get a similar look and feel, without all of the cost. Your money would be more wisely spent on hardscaping design in Rhode Island that will give you a combination of function and flair for the biggest return on your investment.

Consider adding natural stone elements throughout your design for Central Rhode Island hardscaping. You don’t have to create an entire patio out of natural stone, but could create a complementary stone retaining wall or pathway that will enhance the look of the outdoor space. Choose materials based on how the space will be used as well. For instance, an outdoor living room area will often have rugs or carpets. If you are just going to cover up the patio anyway, you could spend less on the materials used for these outdoor spaces in Rhode Island and more on other elements in your hardscaping design.

Create Multi-Use Areas
One trend that is seen in outdoor spaces is to create use-specific areas, such as an outdoor kitchen and dining room or an outdoor living room without a kitchen area. Consider creating multi-use areas that could accommodate a number of purposes, including living space for lounging on the weekends that could be quickly converted into a large dining space for entertaining family and friends. Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can be designed to work cohesively with the rest of the Central Rhode Island hardscaping to enhance the function and appeal of the overall space.

Another option is the create a space that can be used year-round – even in Rhode Island. Screened in porches allow for extended use in spring and fall when the weather is a little cooler, but having the ability to add storm windows can extend the use into winter. Hardscaping design in Rhode Island should take all four seasons into consideration, using design elements like fireplaces to create heat that will allow for late night entertaining or winter cookouts. Sometimes just covering the space by adding a shelter to block from rain and wind, is enough to extend the use of the space to other seasons.

Contact Eastern Landscaping for Hardscaping Design in Rhode Island
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