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Autumn Planting Tips: Landscaping Companies in Rhode Island

Planting in the FallA lot of people think that you can only plant things in the spring and summer, but the truth is that there is some planting and seeding that should only be done in the fall. The more you know about how things grow in the northeastern states and how they behave during each season, the better equipped you will be to create the lawn and garden of your dreams. For those who don’t have time to really learn about all of the ins and outs of seasonal planting and care, low maintenance solutions and landscaping maintenance services may be the answer. Rhode Island sod and seed is different from what is being done in other states all across the country. So it pays to have an expert on your side.

What Can Be Planted in the Fall?
Believe it or not, the cooler air temperatures of fall are easier on plants and it can help them to get a really good start. The soil is still slightly warm from summer, which helps the roots to keep growing until the first freeze. When you plant new things in the spring, the roots can’t start growing and spreading out until the soil warms up, so you can actually get a better head start on growth if you do it in the fall. Autumn soil is also easier to work with than the hard soil of spring that has just thawed out from winter. There are many advantages to planting in the fall instead of waiting for the spring.

Some things to ask your landscape maintenance services about planting include:

  • trees
  • shrubs and bushes
  • perennials
  • bulbs that will bloom in the spring
  • turfgrasses

Care for Freshly Planted Landscaping
In the northeast, there are generally enough fall showers to keep new trees, grasses and plants properly watered. However, if it is a dry season, make sure to deeply water newly planted trees, shrubs, grasses and plants if you aren’t getting at least an inch of rain per week. In most situations you won’t need to do any extra watering, but monitor the rainfall just to be sure.

Another fall advantage is a decrease in pests and disease. In the springtime, pests are just beginning to come back again after the long winter and become voracious eaters, going after leaves, roots and all. Disease also is more prevalent as the days become longer and warmer after spring, so fall is a great time to give your plants a good, healthy start before they have to waste energy fighting off these types of attacks.

Fall also means less fertilizer. Gardeners use fertilizer to promote new growth, which really is not beneficial in the winter months. Whether you have new plants and trees or existing foliage, you should stop putting down fertilizer by the late summer months.

When Should Planting Occur?
For best results, all Rhode Island sod and seed, as well as other landscaping maintenance services and plantings should be done approximately six weeks before the first seasonal frost. For the northeastern states, that can be somewhere between September and October. When you work with reputable and reliable landscaping companies in Rhode Island, like Eastern Landscaping, you can count on the knowledge and experience of the technicians to provide you with a proper planting schedule for your property.

If you are seeking low maintenance solutions for the fall and winter months, or for year round beauty without a lot of extra work, make sure to express an interest in starting a project before the first hard frost. While digging to build hardscaping, such as patios, walkways and paths, can happen almost all year-long, you will get much better results if you start the project before it gets too cold. Contact your landscaping maintenance services to talk about your ideas for hardscaping and landscaping projects for fall.

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