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Autumn Full-Service Landscaping in Northern Rhode Island

fall lawn care in Rhode IslandFall lawn care in Rhode Island is second busiest only to the spring, when commercial properties need extensive landscaping upkeep to look their best after a long, severe winter. It takes a lot of effort to prepare your garden, grass, trees, and shrubs ready for the cooler fall and winter months. Summer grasses that grew a little dry and brown may “green up” as they do in the spring as the temperature begins to drop. One of the finest seasons to plant a new lawn or replace a deteriorating one is in the fall. It’s also a good time to tend to a lawn or patch of landscaping in Rhode Island that has seen better days.

Full-Service Landscaping

Asking for advice on the best grasses and plants to use will make your commercial property look its best all year round from the landscaping firm you hire. Bluegrass, ryegrass, fescues, and bentgrasses are some of the best cool season turfgrasses in Rhode Island. Broadleaf weeds are best treated with herbicides in the fall when the weather is cooler. If you see problems with the health of your lawn, soil testing may be the answer. Everything from grass to trees can be stunted by soil that is overly acidic or alkaline.

Aerating your lawn is best accomplished by removing dead grass in the fall. To prevent the grass from getting suffocated throughout the winter, it is important to remove the thatch, or dead grass, and any leaves that have fallen. When the weather warms up and the grass begins growing again in the spring, the curb appeal of your home and business will benefit greatly from the care you gave your lawn and landscaping over the winter. If the grass needs extra reinforcements for the coming growth season, overseeding is an option. Your landscape management provider should do this for you and see to it that the new seedlings get plenty of water to get off to a good start.

Landscape Management Services

Your full-service landscaping firm in Rhode Island should offer more than just fall lawn care to help you keep your commercial property looking its best all year round. Leaves, twigs, acorns, pine needles, and other potentially destructive waste may be kept from injuring your grass and making your home look untidy by investing in seasonal and pre-snowfall cleanup services. To prevent property damage and lower seasonal liability, have your trees trimmed, pruned, and cared for by your lawn and landscape management provider in the late fall.

Get the most out of your fall landscaping by contacting Eastern Landscaping, Inc. before the first frost of the season. Our comprehensive landscaping service may also arrange for the application of any necessary pre-wintertime goods, such as herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, and the like. When it comes to controlling and stimulating development of healthy plants, autumn is the best season. If you live in Rhode Island or Southeast Massachusetts, now is the time to start thinking about giving your lawn the autumn maintenance it needs. Eastern Landscaping is the company you trust whether you need year-round maintenance or just an autumn cleaning.

Landscaping in Rhode Island

Our well-trained and experienced specialists can also help with overseeding and aeration if those services are necessary for your business property. To assist your property appear its best and to give the grass a chance at a healthy growth when temperatures are favorable and precipitation is abundant, we also provide sod installation. Your grass, trees, and shrubs will fare better during the colder months and into spring if you can encourage as much natural growth as possible. When the weather warms up again, you may take advantage of our wide variety of services to get your property ready for the new plants you’ve been planning.

Call us at 401-766-9035 for a FREE quote on our comprehensive landscaping services. Ask us about autumn lawn care in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, set up an appointment for landscape maintenance, or get an estimate for yearly upkeep. Give Eastern Landscaping a call today and find out why they are the go-to company for so many Greater Providence area companies for landscaping design, maintenance, and installation.

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