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Annual Spring Landscaping Services in Northern Rhode Island

annual spring landscaping servicesWhen you work with professional landscape maintenance services to keep your commercial or residential property looking its best, it is essential to focus on spring landscaping services when the time comes to ensure a lush and beautiful lawn and property throughout the growing season. Once the snow and ice melt away, you can begin working on flower bed planting and care. Trees and shrubbery should have been appropriately trimmed in the late fall and winter months to ensure the best disease and pest-free growth when the weather turns warm. At Eastern Landscaping, we offer complete services for landscaping and planting in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Whether you require full-service plantings, lawn and landscaping maintenance, landscaping design, or construction, we have the experience, equipment, and team necessary to help you achieve your goals.

What Tasks are Done in the Spring?

If you don’t have a lot of experience working with landscaping in New England, it might be a bit confusing to know what services should be performed during the spring season. Sod and seed installation, tree, and shrubbery pruning and care, as well as seasonal maintenance, such as fertilizing and weed control, must be done on a certain schedule. Working with professional landscape maintenance services can help take the guesswork out of scheduling these specific and essential tasks. We will work with you to ensure that your property gets all of the attention it requires, when and where it needs it the most.

Eastern Landscaping can help you to design and maintain an outdoor environment that will give you all of the aesthetics and function that you desire. Whether that means assisting with outdoor landscape lighting to improve security at a multi-family residential property or supporting hardscape project design and construction needs for a large commercial location, you can count on our team to get the job done right. From flower bed planting and care to sod and seed services for a beautiful lawn, we can provide native New England options that will help to reduce water and maintenance requirements year-round. Make sure to ask about our cost-effective, low-maintenance solutions designed to help you maximize the aesthetic appeal and function of your property.

A Lush & Impressive Landscape

Our team can assist you in the design and construction of a complete and lush landscape for your residential or commercial property. A mature landscape will already have grown trees and shrubbery, in addition to flower beds and other landscaping features. New properties will require everything to be done, including the installation of fresh sod or seeding to create a full lawn and hardscape construction elements to establish flower beds, walkways, patios, water features, vertical structures, and other outdoor areas. When you contact our team, we will come to your property and walk the area with you to discuss your ideas for the space. We can offer a comprehensive quote for lawn or flower bed planting and care to ensure you maximize the return on your investment.

Some of the services that we can assist with include ornamental tree installations, shrubbery or bush installations, flower or garden bed planting and construction, new sod installations, and a whole lot more. Spring landscaping services can be essential after the winter season passes to make replacements or repairs as necessary. Often the trees, shrubs, plants, grass, fences, and retaining walls take the brunt of the winter season, causing damage that must be addressed in order to maintain the aesthetics of your property. Working with a professional team for landscape maintenance services can help you quickly recover your property from severe winter weather and damage while allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Get a FREE Estimate in Northern Rhode Island & Massachusetts

If you are interested in learning more about our spring landscaping services or would like a free estimate for sod and seed installation, flower bed planting and care, or year-round landscape maintenance, contact Eastern Landscaping by calling 401-766-9035. We can answer any questions you might have about landscaping and planting in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts or schedule an on-site walkthrough and estimate at your commercial or residential property.

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