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Adding a Little Hardscaping to Your Rhode Island Landscaping

One of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your outdoor living space in Smithfield or anywhere else in Northern Rhode Island, is to add a little hardscaping. When most people think about full service landscaping services, they think about gardeners who provide maintenance and upkeep for lawns, trees, bushes, and other plants, but there are other essential elements that add texture and features to any yard.

Selecting the Best Project for Your Property
Hardscaping design in Rhode Island is different from some of the elements that you might see in other parts of the country. Some of the most popular features include fire pits, outdoor kitchens and living areas, in addition to traditional patios, retaining walls, and walkways. Other items can be added to enhance the natural design or layout of your property, including large rocks, river rock beds, benches, awnings, pergolas, and outdoor fireplaces. Specialty items can also be added, such as pizza ovens, barbecue pits, fountains, and much more.

It pays to work with a professional who is experienced in full service landscaping and hardscaping design in the South Coast area. A professional landscape designer can help you find low maintenance solutions that will add value to your home and enhance your outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience that a professional designer brings to your project, knowing which plants and trees will work best with your location and which hardscaping elements will add the most value.

Hardscaping Improves the Land
Every yard has issues that can cause problems over time. Grading issues that bring water to your home instead of moving it away, can cause leaks in basements, under crawl spaces or flood garages. All of this can cause damage to your home, which can lead to mold, mildew or eventual replacement of drywall and other structural elements. When you hire a full service landscaping team, uneven lawns can be repaired, soil erosion can be stopped, and plants can even improve due to better drainage. Retaining walls, patios, stairs, drains, and sloping are just some of the ways that a professional landscaper can make a difference.

Outdoor Living Space Can Be Expanded
Another benefit to getting hardscaping design in Rhode Island is having the ability to extend the amount of living space in your home. By adding a patio, outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, dining area, or even a seating area around a fire pit or fireplace, you can expand the space outside of the constructed square footage of your home, providing you with more room for entertaining guests, relaxing, and spending time with family. Covered patio areas and other enclosed spaces can provide extra usable square footage even in bad weather.

Privacy Can Be Increased
Even if you have nice neighbors next door that you are friendly with, it is always good to have some privacy in your own backyard. Outdoor living space in Smithfield and the surrounding area can be further enhanced by adding privacy elements, such as fences, walls, retaining walls, gazebos, pergolas, and stone barriers. Low maintenance solutions that add texture, focal points, and function all-in-one are a great way to really enjoy your property.

Hardscaping Looks Great Year-Round
With all of the weather changes that we have in the northeastern states from fall through spring, it is important to find landscaping options that will look great even when the grass and flowers aren’t at their peak. Hardscaping design in Rhode Island should be aesthetically pleasing, not just functional, creating focal points, accents, and beautiful results that will look great rain or shine. You should also use hardscaping elements to provide you and your guests with a clear path to the various areas of your yard. It will help keep people off grasses, plants, flowers and other living elements that you don’t want trampled.

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