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Add Value to Commercial Properties: Rhode Island Hardscaping

Any work that you do to your commercial property should increase its value. Anything else that you do is essentially a waste of money. Finding new ways to reduce ongoing repairs and servicing through low maintenance solutions is one way to boost value. Another is to incorporate improvements that increase the amount of useful space, such as outdoor living space design and other types of hardscaping design in New England. While an expansive renovation project might seem like a good idea, if it doesn’t make a substantial improvement to the property in some way, it might not be worth the cost and effort. If outdoor improvements are something that you are interested in doing, it would be in your best interest to meet with a professional Rhode Island hardscaping designer to discuss your ideas.

Top Outdoor Improvements
Choosing which improvements make the most sense and will add the most value can be difficult, especially if your commercial property requires a lot of work. Exterior paint and upgraded landscaping are always a good idea, but you should also look into adding new hardscaping elements, such as retaining walls, patios, common areas, walkways, pathways, stairways, and focal points. Some of the best ideas in focal points include fountains, statues, built-in seating areas, and other types of popular hardscaping design in New England.

Make sure that the features you choose to compliment the exterior decor and style of the structure to create a cohesive theme and design throughout the property. Express your goals for the new outdoor living space design with the hardscaping designer during your first meeting. If you aren’t sure what you want, ask for suggestions and ideas. Ask to see a portfolio or get a 3D rendering of the proposed work so you can get an idea of what to expect. If you have ideas that you want to implement, try to provide the designer with a photo or image of an example to avoid any confusion.

Add Character or Personality
Commercial properties that don’t have any type of exterior signage, landscaping or hardscaping design in New England will often look dull and boring. Whether your goal is to attract customers, clients, or tenants to your property, or if you just want to establish a strong image, you ought to start thinking about finding new ways to use Rhode Island hardscaping to add character or personality to the buildings and surrounding property area. Even parking lots and entry areas could use a little sprucing up if you want to attract positive attention to your commercial property.

A large grassy area can be broken up and made more useful, while also creating low maintenance solutions, by adding a garden area with a walkway or path, landscape lighting, short retaining walls, stone edging, and a few well-placed plants that will add a touch of color and texture to the space. Another option would be a patio area with built-in seating that could be used year-round. Great for customers visiting a retail space, tenants working in an office building, residents living in an apartment complex, or workers at a commercial business center. Choose options that create a more inviting space, add color, texture, and interest, while finding new ways to add character or personality to the commercial property.

Trust Eastern Landscaping, Inc. for Commercial Hardscaping
If you are interested in learning more about the low maintenance solutions available through Rhode Island hardscaping services, give us a call at 401-766-9035. As a professional landscaping company that specializes in hardscaping design in New England, our team of highly trained and expereinced technicians can help you get the type of outdoor living space design and low maintenance solutions that you have always wanted. Our custom low maintenance solutions can be tailored specifically to meet your needs, whether your goal is to increase function, aesthetic appeal, or boost value for your property. Give us a call and see the difference for yourself in the results that you can get when you work with a top notch team of knowledgeable design experts and skilled technicians for commercial hardscaping design in Rhode Island and the surrounding area.

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