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7 Reasons to Hire a Pro Hardscaping Designer in Providence

Hardscaping and Landscaping Design ServicesIt is important to work with a professional when it comes to investing in anything that will potentially increase the value of your home. Landscaping and hardscaping construction has become a very popular feature in today’s real estate market, so anything that you can do in this regard could possibly boost your home value. Studies show that when you hire a professional to provide your landscape design and lawn care prior to putting your home on the market, that you could yield as much as 15 percent more of an increase compared to doing the work yourself.

A professional landscape construction and design specialist can help you create a beautiful outdoor living space that extends the amount of useful space for your property, while also increasing your home’s value.

Reason #1 – Hardscaping is Good for the Environment
There are many benefits associated with choosing to add hardscaping, landscape design and lawn care in to your home improvement project. Not only will a new hardscaping design in New England add value and function to your home, but it is also good for the environment, reducing the amount of water and energy required to maintain green areas. A combination of green areas that feature grass, shrubbery, trees, container plants and other living elements, along with a hardscaped area, such as patio, walkway, dining area, living area or gazebo, provide a good balance for any property.

Reason #2 – Outdoor Living Space Increases Value
Landscaped areas and outdoor living spaces created through professional design and construction will grow in value over time. More traditional home remodeling projects, such as new additions or renovations, will actually lose value over time. Rhode Island hardscape construction is in demand, with top designers and contractors providing beautiful elements in local backyards, such as fire pits and fireplaces, fountains, built-in seating areas, arbors, patios, screened in dining areas, and much more. Some of these projects provide useful space that can be used all year-round.

Reason #3 – Smart Planting Strategy
When you work with a professional landscape construction company for your landscape design and lawn care, you get a chance to work with someone who is experienced in creating low-maintenance solutions. Ask about native plants for the best drought-tolerance in your area, which can also reduce the amount of fertilizer and care that is required. Using built-in planters and other elements, which allow for smart planting and year-round care, can help to reduce water consumption and maintenance requirements for the life of the outdoor space.

Reason #4 – Drainage Issues Get Handled
When you hire a Rhode Island hardscape construction company to take care of your hardscaping design in New England, you can count on working with someone who knows how to properly place drainage and other essential elements of the hardscaping construction project to prevent flooding. This is a huge advantage during seasonal rain storms, as well as in the spring when the snow and ice begin to melt. Permeable pavement and other advanced materials can help you to achieve your goals.

Reason #5 – Irrigation is Under Control
Everyone is much more aware of their water usage today. Ensuring that water is not wasted, yet your plants and lawn receive the proper amount of irrigation, is important. When you hire a professional landscape design and lawn care specialist, you gain the insight and expertise that is required in order to complete your landscape construction project, including the irrigation. With seasonal maintenance, you can make sure that your irrigation and elements for hardscaping design in New England are properly maintained and serviced.

Reason #6 – Quality & Consistency
When you hire professional hardscaping construction and design experts, you don’t just get help with the original plans and some of the installation. You get a team of professional designers and contractors who stick with the project until it is finished. Choose a service provider that works in both hardscape and landscape construction, as well as ongoing maintenance services, for continued care and maintenance now and in the future.

Reason #7 – Compliant & Durable
Let’s face it, the winter season in the northeast means that any type of Rhode Island hardscape construction need to be done right in order to last through the snow, ice and melting stages. Not only will working with a professional landscape design and lawn care specialist provide you with a great looking finished project, but it will also make sure that your new outdoor living space and landscape comply with the local codes and regulations. Your hardscaping construction project will be designed and installed to stand up to the harshest New England winters, looking and performing great year after year.

Trust Eastern Landscaping in Rhode Island
If you are interested in exploring ideas for hardscaping construction, landscape design and lawn care in the Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts area, contact Eastern Landscaping by calling 401-766-9035. Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you choose the best hardscaping design in New England, as well as help with landscape construction and maintenance all year round. Call today for a FREE estimate or to learn more about our Rhode Island hardscape construction services.

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